Glass Skull Candle Holder

glass spooky black skull holder

Add an eery, gothic touch with a glass skull candle holder. Skull candle holders are a unique decorative element and come in a variety of sizes, including tealight, votive, taper, and pillar holders. Some designs even feature multiple skulls and allow for holding multiple candles. These types of holders are found in several materials, such as pewter, resin, and glass.

Styles of Glass Skull Candle Holders

Glass skull holders come in a range of styles. Some are more serious, or frightening renditions, while others feature interpretations that are more whimsical or even humorous.

Styles of holders include:

  • Carved glass votive, taper or pillar candle holders
  • Single skull designs
  • Holders with multiple skulls
  • Skulls with crossbones or other bones
  • Glass holders with etched, imprinted or painted skulls
  • Mirrored glass designs
  • Textured skull prints on smooth glass
  • Frosted glass skulls
  • Tattoo skull designs
  • Metal and glass holders

Skulls might be humorous or grinning, gory and bizarre, or simple and sinister. Skulls vary in size and have open or closed mouths. For some designs, particularly tattoo-inspired skull motifs, you may find flames, depictions of blood, hearts, or peace signs. Glass may be clear, black, grey, or white.For printed, etched, or painted designs, the skull itself is typically white or grey, but in some designs (such as tattoo-themed artistry), bold colors are included in the piece. You may find that some painted glass designs include skulls of red, pink, or another bold hue that matches a more whimsical theme.

Decorating with Glass Skull Holders

Depending on the type of holder, the occasion, and the type of décor in a room, these skull pieces may be used differently. Glass can provide a classy feel, even in a spooky or sinister skull design.

Halloween is the most popular occasion for decorating with this type of candle holder. The perfect season for spooky and unusual décor, a glass skull can add an element of fantastic fright to any room. Decorate living rooms or rec rooms with the holders on end tables or shelves. Make the holder a centerpiece for a dining room table at Halloween. Add flair to a Halloween party buffet, or get even more creative and fill large glass skulls with candy instead of candles. Decorate outdoors by lighting the front porch on Halloween with spooky skull holders and let the glass create eerie reflections of the candlelight.

If you don't want to use them as just a holiday candle, the holders can also be used for adding a gothic feel, or just a splash of creativity to a room. Tattoo-inspired and funky skull holders can be used in rooms with an eclectic, laid-back feel any time of year. Living areas and bedrooms are common areas to decorate with these pieces.

Where to Buy

There are several types of stores where glass skull or skeleton holders are available. You will find the most extensive selections in fall, prior to Halloween. If you are seeking deeply discounted skull décor, purchase soon after the holiday for great deals.

Halloween Stores

A number of retailers are now solely dedicated to all things Halloween. The may include Halloween costumes, party goods, and décor. Although brick and mortar establishments focusing on Halloween may only be open seasonally, you cam find online stores of this nature open year round. The following Halloween stores may carry glass skull candle holders:

  • Minions Web
  • Ghoul Gallery

Gift and Candy Shops

Candy, gift, and card stores are known for focusing their inventory on seasonal items, and you can often find glass skull and other spooky candle holders at these kinds of retailers prior to Halloween:

  • Aspen Country Gifts
  • Mary's Unique Gifts

Gothic Décor Stores

Stores and sites that focus on gothic and medieval style décor are another venue for this item. Skulls, skeletons, dragons, swords, and other Goth elements are often seen in glass and pewter candle holders in this type of shop:

  • Medieval Collectibles

Other places to shop include the artistic online marketplace Etsy and auction giant eBay.

Make Your Own

Get creative and turn a simple glass votive holder into a spooky skull decoration for Halloween. Add a twisted touch to your home with a glass skull candle holder. Whether it's for Halloween decoration or to lend a gothic feel; filled with candy or flickering with candlelight, it is a unique and darkly eye-catching type of decor.

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Glass Skull Candle Holder