How to Decorate Candles with Beads

Beaded Candle Holder

Knowing how to decorate candles with beads will let you take a plain, ordinary candle and turn it into an elegant, exquisite accent to match any décor or special occasion. There are several ways to use beads to decorate candles, and an infinite number of ways to make any candle into a beautiful home accessory.

How to Decorate Candles with Beads: 5 Methods

There are five easy ways to use beads to decorate candles.

1. Wire Wraps

Small beads can be strung on wires and wrapped around taper or pillar candles. When stringing the beads, consider using different shapes of beads and contrasting colors for more variety. While wrapping the wire around the candle, space out each wire circuit or twist the wire into knots for more texture.

2. Beaded Candle Holders

To decorate a candle with beads without damaging or permanently changing the candle, consider making a beaded candle holder. A wreath of beads is easy to make with stiff wire, while different beads can accent plain glass candle holders for unique decorations.

3. Surfaced Pressed Beads

For thicker candles, an elegant option is to warm (not melt) the surface of the wax and press the beads directly into the candle. This is a particularly popular way to decorate with seed beads, either to create intricate patterns on the candle or to roll the lower part of the candle into the beads for a thick layer. If using this method, take care not to warm the candle too much or it may warp and be unable to burn.

4. Pinned Beads

Larger beads can be attached to a candle with short pins. This is particularly effective for shaped beads that have their own short hooks so no pins are needed. Different sizes of pins can be layered on a pin for even more elaborate, three dimensional decorations, and the pins can be placed in a pattern around the candle or scattered for a more organic design.

5. Interior Beads

If you are making homemade candles, you can easily add beads by putting them into the mold or jar while pouring the wax. Larger beads with bold colors that contrast with the wax are best for this type of decoration so they will be more visible.

Whatever method of candle decoration is used, beads should never be placed near where the candle's flame will burn. Doing so will create more of a fire hazard because the materials of the beads may be more unpredictable when exposed to heat. For most beaded candle designs, decorating the lower third of the candle is the safest and most elegant option.

Types of Beads

Beaded Candle

Several types of beads are perfect for use with candles.

  • Seed beads: These are tiny, delicate beads that can create intricate patterns. Available in a wide range of colors, these small beads are popular for candle decorations.
  • Shaped beads: Larger beads with a range of shapes are easy for novices to use when decorating candles. Seasonal shapes such as snowflakes, Easter eggs, and flags are especially popular designs.
  • Wooden beads: Chunky wooden beads in different natural colors are perfect for rustic candles.
  • Large beads: Large beads in simple shapes are best if the beads will be poured into the wax before the candle sets. The strong colors and larger shapes will be more visible inside the wax.

Bead Alternatives

Crafters who know how to decorate candles with beads can also use a variety of other materials to accent candles. Buttons, pins, small seashells, colored sand, and faux gems are other popular options that can be used to decorate candles with the same methods as decorating with beads.

Beading Patterns

When adding beads to candles, there are many ways to create attractive designs. Short strings of beads can dangle down the side of the candle, or longer strings can create stripes around the candle's circumference. Smaller patterns such as swirls or geometric shapes can be scattered along the candle's surface, or solid coatings of beads may be layered on the bottom of the candle. Personalized designs such as initials are also popular, particularly for sentimental candles such as wedding unity candles or memorial candles.

Burning Beaded Candles

When burning beaded candles, it is important to do so safely. Candles with beads should not be burned down to the level of the beads, and as the wax warms beads on the surface may become loose and dislodge. Burning candles should always be kept away from flammable materials, children, and pets. No candle should be left burning when unattended.

Create Your Own Elegant Decoration

Knowing how to decorate candles with beads makes it easy to turn any simple candle into an elegant decoration suitable for a gift, centerpiece, or special occasion. With many ways to use beads as candle decorations, anyone can craft beautiful candles with ease.

How to Decorate Candles with Beads