How to Make Candle Lanterns

Make your own unique lanterns

If you know how to make candle lanterns you will find that you can save money as well as have an almost limitless supply of unique handmade lanterns for the home and garden.

Candle lanterns are a great way to display candles in the home and in the garden. A candle lantern is simply a lantern that holds a candle and can take many forms. It is possible to buy candle lanterns and these can make lovely decorations for both the home and garden. It is also very simple to make candle lanterns. When you have learned the basics of making candle lanterns you will be able to make your own special lanterns for your home and as gifts for families and friends.

Learn How to Make Candle Lanterns

If you want to learn how to make candle lanterns then it is important to consider the role of the lantern. The lantern performs two functions, it protects the candle and allows the candle to display the maximum form of light while also acting as a candle holder. Candle lanterns were once the main form of lighting in homes and streets and while their purpose is often more decorative today, they can often be used for lighting outdoor dining areas or parties. Here are some tips for how to make candle lanterns successfully at home:

  • Picking the right container - glass jars are often a popular way to make candle lanterns and other forms of candle holders. These are widely available and are a good way to recycle unwanted glass jars. It is important to pick a glass jar that is big enough for the candle and is not flawed in any way. A small chip or crack in the glass could result in the glass shattering. In addition to glass jars, many other items can be used to make candle lanterns, including other glass vessels or even food cans with holes punched in them to allow light to be emitted.
  • Weighting the lantern - if you want to make standing lanterns rather than hanging lanterns then it may be necessary to weight the lantern so it does not get knocked over. Placing some stones, sand or gravel can help to give the lantern additional weight and to give it stability.
  • Hanging lanterns - if the lanterns are to be hung in trees then it is important that the string or twine that is used is strong enough for the lantern. It should also be protected from the flame so that the flame cannot burn through the string or twine. Wire is a good alternative.
  • Decorating the lantern - glass lanterns can be decorated with glass paint, beads or other adornments. It is important to ensure that any decorations are heat proof. Plastic decorations may melt or burn. Adding decorations to a candle lanterns is a good way to make the candles fit in with a theme such as Halloween or a birthday.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are also an attractive form of candle lantern. There are many ways of making paper lanterns and these include simple paper bag luminaries through to more complex Chinese lanterns. Some paper lanterns are better suited for decorative purposes and paper lanterns decorating a driveway or garden can make a stunning sight. When using paper lanterns it is particularly important not to leave the candles unattended and to ensure that they are not within reach of children or pets.

Candle lanterns are very easy to make and with so many different options available, candle lanterns can be made for almost any occasion.

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How to Make Candle Lanterns