Pampering Candle Gift Basket Ideas

Updated January 28, 2020
Spa basket with a set of candles and soap

You can create a gift basket using the bath and candle theme for a true luxurious present. There are many occasions when a basket filled with bath items and candles is the perfect gift. It doesn't take much to get started creating your own gift baskets for that special personal touch to gifting.

Themed Bath and Candle Gift Baskets

The easiest way to narrow your many choices for a bath and candle gift basket is to decide on the theme. Depending on the occasion, you can combine the motifs for the occasion with your theme.

Bumblebee Bath and Candle Theme

If you know someone who loves bumblebees, then you can fill the basket with items that are bumblebee themed. You can add beeswax candles and other items to make this bath and candle theme unique.

  • Choose an appropriate bee skep basket for your creation.
  • Add a few bumblebee and honeycomb handmade soaps.
  • A pair of bumblebee hairpins to put her hair up when she takes that long luxurious bath.
  • Roll up a couple of bee motif hand or spa towels to place in your basket.
  • Don't forget to add a pair of beeswax taper candles and a couple of votive candles.
  • Beeswax and honey lotion bars, bubble bath, after bath lotions, and shampoo are a must for this gift basket!
  • Choose a candle with jewelry inside for a truly special touch.

A Love for Lavender Scent

Another great bath and candle gift basket theme is the scent of lavender. This gift basket offers you the opportunity to combine different bath items with scented candles.

lavender organic spa-products
  • Choose a basket that's unique, such as a distressed wooden basket. Hot glue dried lavender flowers onto the front and tie a narrow satin ribbon and hot glue it to the bunch of lavender flowers.
  • Select a collection of various candles, such as lavender scented tealights, votives, a pillar candle or a jar candle.
  • Choose a couple of votive candle holders with lavender flowers painted on them.
  • Place a packet of lavender seeds in the front of your basket.
  • Add various bath items with lavender scents, such as bath salts, bath lotions, fizzy bath bombs, after bath moisturizer, and a lavender bath mitten.
  • A lavender sachet for a lingerie drawer.
  • A lavender motif bowl filled with lavender potpourri.
  • A lavender spa towel and a chocolate lavender candy bar finish this design.

Cowboy Bath and Candle Basket

A cowboy gift basket can be an extra fun bath and candle theme to create. You can go as corny as you like with this one or opt for a more sophisticated approach.

  • Choose either a boot-shaped or cowboy hat shaped basket. You may prefer a cowhide, horseshoe and star wastebasket to hold your goodies.
  • Add a back scrubber, either one with a long handle or a strap loofa with rope handles.
  • Choose a beeswax jar candle with a cowboy riding a bucking bronco or a landscape of a Montana mountain range.
  • Add a couple of Texas star shaped manly soaps with a brisk cedar or pine scent.
  • A spa towel featuring a longhorn motif can be paired with a matching washcloth.
  • A shaving mug and brush set will be appreciated by any respectful cowboy.

A Day in Venice

Who doesn't like romantic Venice, Italy? Give a touch of Venice with a truly Italian bath and candle gift basket you can easily create. This basket is extra special since you will take advantage of the famous Venice Murano glass.

  • Select a gondola boat shaped basket for your bath and candle gift design.
  • Choose the perfect Murano glass candle holder. Use it as the centerpiece for your basket.
  • Add unique items, such as Carnival soaps in the shape of a Venetian masquerade mask.
  • You can add various authentic Italian bath toilettes, such as Romantica Soaps by Nesti Dante of Florence and IL FRUTTETO Fig & Almond Milk Liquid Soap, Italian chocolate mint and shea butter soaps, bath oil bead in Venetian Carnival colors of purple, gold and green.
  • Choose a Portofino scented candle to add to your bath and candle gift basket.
  • Manicure brush, a Turkish hand Towel and rose petals should be included.
  • Squeeze in a wine bottle, opener and pair of stemless goblets and your day in Venice bath and candle basket is sorprendente (amazing)!

Occasions for Pampering

A spa gift basket is the perfect choice for special occasions such as:

Woman relaxing in bathtub
  • Mother's Day
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Baby's birth
  • Bridal showers

A bath and candle spa basket can also be a perfect anytime gift to help anyone relax at a stressful time of life, such as during a divorce, after moving, or upon seeking a new job. They are also popular as holiday candle gifts.

Types of Bath and Candle Gift Baskets

Spa gift baskets come in a variety of sizes and scents. Some companies offer different customization options or may be willing to create completely unique baskets. The two biggest ways to customize bath and candle gift baskets, however, is by scent and the items included in the gift.

Popular Scents

Because a pampering gift basket is meant to be an indulgence, the most popular scents help the recipient relax and rejuvenate themselves. Some baskets will use multiple complimentary scents, usually themed around a basic idea or even an attractive color. Popular scents for spa gift baskets include:

  • Fresh linen
  • Citrus
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Vanilla
  • Cucumber melon
  • Violet
  • Kiwi lime

If the desired scent is not available, it is easy to create a specialized gift basket using creative scented candles and popular bath items, or a basic spa basket could have a favorite scented candle added to it for extra indulgence.

Spa Gift Basket Items

Most bath gift baskets include basic spa items, while others have more luxurious amenities. Popular items often found in bath and candle gifts include:

  • Scented candles, usually in tea light or votive sizes
  • Gourmet or hand made soaps
  • Body or hand lotion
  • Bath and shower gel
  • Bath salts or fizzes
  • Robe or spa slippers
  • Towels, possibly of different sizes
  • Nylon sponge
  • Nail brush
  • Pumice stone
  • Bath oils
  • Relaxation music CD
  • Herbal tea packets
  • Gourmet cookies or chocolates
  • Wine
  • Massager or massage stones
  • Body powder
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Flowers
Spa concept with candle, rosemary, towels, soap, massage oil

The number and type of items depends on the company, the size of the basket, and the overall cost.

Pre-Made Bath and Candle Gift Baskets

You can always find an appropriate pre-made bath and candle gift basket if you don't have time to create your own. These came in all price ranges and themes, so you're sure to find one you love.

English Spa Tote

English Tea Store features a "Spa Perfect Relax and Rejuvenate Tote" that's filled with all kinds of luscious goodies. Some of these include three mini aromatherapy candles, potpourri, butter soap bar, toffee chocolates, moisturizers, and so much more all neatly stored in a faux leather tote. Price: Around $104 plus free shipping for order $50 and more.

All About Vanilla Scent

Just Don't Send Flowers offers a Vanilla Spa Gift Hamper that if full of all kinds of wonderful vanilla scents. This includes an Ashby's herbal tea 4 oz poured glass candle, vanilla bath salts, gel, sachet, lotions, 8-piece spa pedicure set, loofah strap, and more. Price: Around $70 (free shipping orders over $100).

Spa Bath Bomb Birthday Gift Basket for Her

Amazon's Choice for a gift set for women provides the all in one ultimate spa bath bomb and candle set guaranteed to make a girl's birthday special. The gift basket includes scented bath bombs, makeup removal cloths, manicure set, hand cream, scented candles, and more, Price: around $49 plus free shipping.

Bath and Candle Gift Baskets for Everyone

You can create or buy a bath and candle gift basket for everyone on your shopping list for any occasion. Set your budget before you start shopping or you'll be tempted to spend more than you intended!

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Pampering Candle Gift Basket Ideas