Best Bath and Body Works Candle Scents

Classic Greatness

Everyone has an opinion on what candle scents are best, but the best Bath and Body Works candle scents are those that remain popular for years and are available in a wide range of candle styles as well as other scented products such as lotions, scented oils, and body washes. The company's classic Country Apple fragrance, for example, has been available for many years and continues to be a popular scent, particularly in late summer and fall.

Fresh Lemon

The refreshing tang of Fresh Lemon is a popular Bath and Body Works fragrance from the Slatkin & Co. fragrance line. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, this is a great spring or summer scent that will brighten and refresh any atmosphere.

Tropical Getaway

Enjoy a tropical getaway right at home with the Caribbean Escape scent from the Bath and Body Works Slatkin & Co. fragrance line. A tinge of beach, surf, and tropical flowers blends together to make this candle scent truly the best way to escape without ever leaving home.

Lilac Blossom

One of the best Bath and Body Works candle scents for spring, Lilac Blossom is a rich infusion of these classic spring flowers. While lilacs may only bloom for a few weeks, this aromatic candle can let you enjoy the scents of spring whenever you wish.

Vanilla and Sugar

The classic baking scent Warm Vanilla Sugar is one of Bath and Body Works' signature fragrances, and is reminiscent of all your favorite sweet treats, from cookies to pies to cakes, yet without a single calorie.

Pineapple Orchid

A refreshing tropical scent, Pineapple Orchid is part of the Slatkin & Co. fragrance line of Bath and Body Works candles. Richly sweet with both fruit and flowers, this is the perfect choice for a fun summer candle or a fresh breath of the tropics any time of year.

Fresh Linen

Nothing smells so relaxing as clothing fresh from a sun drenched clothesline, and the Fresh Linen scent from Bath and Body Works' Slatkin & Co. line of fragrance captures the essence of clean, smooth cotton in a richly scented candle.

Summer Raspberries

Sun Ripened Raspberry is another classic fragrance from Bath and Body Works that has been around for years. Most popular in the summer, this rich, fruity aroma has distinct warm overtones that recall lazy summer days picking fruit bursting with flavor.

Sultry Scents

Rich and sultry, the Twilight Woods fragrance is part of Bath and Body Works' signature line. Earthy tones mingle with a floral touch for a mysterious and alluring fragrance perfect for evenings all year round.

Asian Inspiration

The Fresh Bamboo fragrance is part of Bath and Body Works' Slatkin & Co. line and offers a refreshing aroma with a hint of exotic culture and clean inspiration. Light and gentle, this candle fragrance is perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, or offices.

Aromatherapy Scents

Bath and Body Works offers a line of aromatherapy scents, including one of their best – Black Currant Vanilla. This rich, smooth fragrance inspires sensuality and romantic playfulness while still being comforting and delicious.

Tropical Twists

The trendy Coconut Lime Verbena candle scent is another of Bath and Body Works' signature fragrances, and its refreshing tropical aroma is spiced with a zest of tangy lime.

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Best Bath and Body Works Candle Scents