Black Candlestick Ideas for Your Halloween Décor

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Black Halloween candlestick with decorations

It's just not Halloween until you've added a few black candlesticks to your home décor! Choose among a number of fun and spooky black candlesticks, each of which conveys the message that it's okay to be macabre on this special night. Top them off with special Halloween taper candles for an added touch.

Witch's Boot Candlestick

Give your Halloween décor the boot with this cast-iron candlestick by One Hundred 80 Degrees, available from Amazon. Designed to resemble a witch's boot, this candlestick holds a single taper candle (ideally a black one). It's the perfect touch of Halloween witchery.

  • Size: 3.75"H x 3.5"W
  • Price: Around $17 each with free shipping for Prime Members

Decorating Options

There are several ways to incorporate this candlestick in your Halloween decor.

  • Purchase two for your dining table or kitchen counter to add a seasonal theme to Halloween meals or entertaining.
  • A lone boot with a taper candle can grace the punch bowl table, buffet or serving table along with other Halloween decorations.
  • Place one or two side-by-side on a small table by your front door to capture trick or treaters' imaginations.

Sophisticated Black Resin Candlestick

Target offers a tall (almost three-feet high) black resin candlestick by Drew DeRose. The design of this candlestick adds a touch of dark sophistication to any Halloween celebration. Its height makes it ideal for a floor placement, though it can also be featured in your décor in other ways.

  • Size: 35"H x 8"W x 8"D
  • Price: Around $60 each with free shipping

Decorating Ideas

Make a Halloween design statement with one or more of these sophisticated candlesticks.

  • The vintage finish makes this candlestick dining table worthy. You can add other black candlesticks of varying designs and shorter height for a dramatic centerpiece.
  • Create greater interest by using two or more candlesticks in a grouping. You can vary the heights by setting one candlestick on a box, one on a small table and one on the floor.
  • You can purchase two candlesticks and place on either side of a fireplace hearth.

Macabre Animal Feet Candlesticks

This set of four black candlesticks that resemble different animal feet provides the creepy for any Halloween party. The design of these polyresin candlesticks has a stylish beginning. However, as your gaze moves down the lengths you quickly realize the bases feature a large hoof, small hoof, webbed foot and claw. These candlesticks have a glossy finish and are part of the Iris Apfel capsule collection. They are exclusive to Grandinroad.

  • Sizes: Large hoof (16"H), small hoof (11"H), webbed foot (14"H), claw style (7½"H)
  • Price: Around $100 for a set of four (shipping fees calculated at checkout)

Versatile Uses

This novelty set of candlesticks will fit any Halloween décor.

  • Add 7/8" taper candles in different colors or varying designs to each piece, as a way of drawing greater attention to the set.
  • Use as a grouping on a dining table, mantel or coffee table for a great conversation piece during Halloween gatherings.
  • Spread them out, sprinkling them into the décor in different rooms for a surprising touch in several areas of your home.

Stacked Skull Candlesticks

Candle Delirium presents a black stacked skull candlestick from D.L. & Co.'s "Momento Mori" collection. The phrase momento mori means "remember that you are mortal." What better reminder is there than five stacked skulls? The skulls are topped with a basin holder, so this unique candlestick holds standard 7/8 taper candles. The base that supports the grotesque stacked skulls is an inverted duplicate of the basin holder. The company refers to this creation as being "reminiscent of the Catacombes de Paris."

  • Size: 7.5"H x 3.75"W
  • Price: Around $90 with free shipping

Suggested Placements

This handmade, polished brass candlestick finished in black can be used with any Halloween theme/décor.

  • Place by the front door on a console table to greet guest goblins and monsters to make them feel right at home.
  • Set a pair of candlesticks on a serving table or anchoring the ends of a mantel.
  • Add one or a pair to your buffet, kitchen counter or other serving area.

Quick DIY Ideas for Black Candlesticks

DIY Halloween black candlesticks
DIY black candlesticks for Halloween

Of course, you don't have to purchase specialty black candlesticks to light up your Halloween décor. Try one of these quick fixes for a fun Halloween craft project idea.

  • Paint existing candlesticks with a high gloss black spray paint for a fast and consistent Halloween transformation.
  • Recycling beer and wine bottles by giving them a quick coat of black paint or glass stain is a great way to create candlesticks.
  • You can buy a few novelty skulls to stack and glue together. Top with a flat, fireproof, round tray or taper candle holder, glued securely into place. Create a base by painting and gluing a square or round wood base to the bottom skull.
  • A single skull candlestick can be made from a resin skull. Paint it black, glue a metal taper candle holder on the top of the skull and it's ready for a candle.

Perfect Decorating Touch for Halloween

Enhance your Halloween style with black candlesticks for your home! From going dark with stacked skulls to opting for a sophisticated look with tall pieces ideal for floor placement, there are plenty of options for creating a true Halloween ambience. You may even want to diversify your Halloween decorations with a few glass candle holders with skulls and other gothic styles.

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Black Candlestick Ideas for Your Halloween Décor