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Candle burning spells are used for a variety of reasons, from trying to draw luck or love to warding away negative energy. Candle burning has been used for centuries by Catholics, Kabbalists, spiritualists, and practitioners of hoodoo, voodoo and the occult to name a few. Learn how a candle's color and shape play a role in particular spells, and maybe even try one of the spells listed here.

4 Candle Spells

Spells can be original and written by the person performing the ritual, or they may be found on websites or in books written on the subject. It is not necessary to use another person's spells in order to make them work. The only thing necessary is that the spell states the true intentions or goals. That goal should then be focused upon during the candle burning ritual. The following are a few candle burning spells that can be used and modified as necessary.

Truth Spell

To perform this spell you'll need a blue candle and a white candle. If you desire, they can be in the shape of a person that you seek the truth from, a man or woman.

  1. Dress the candle by carving the name of the person you are seeking truth from on it and by adding any other words or symbols that have to do with your request.
  2. Rub the candle with oil that you have purchased or made for the ritual, and then light the candle.
  3. Once the candle is lit, say the following: A spell of truth I cast on you, deceit and all confusion leave. Speak now, (insert name here), and reveal the truth to me. With this light I can see, the truth be revealed, so mote it be.

Love Binding Spell

This spell is used to bind your love interest to you. To perform this spell, you'll need a red candle, preferably in the form of the person you love (a male or female-shaped candle), one long string from your clothing and one from your target's clothing.

  1. Carve the person's name and any other symbols into the candle. Dress the candle with any ritual oil, either storebought or homemade. Focus on your goal, to bind this person to you in love.
  2. Take the two strings and tie them together on one end, and then on the other while saying: I bind this knot to bring (insert the target's name here)'s love. I bind this knot to bring (person's name here)'s desire.
  3. While tying a second knot at each end, say the following: I bind this knot and bring (person's name here)'s faithfulness. I bind this knot to bring (person's name here)'s love to me.
  4. Tie a third knot on one end of the string while saying: Come to me, so mote it be.
  5. Light the candle and say: The fire of love does burn in his (or her) heart.

Money Spell

This simple spell is used to bring money to you when you have a debt to pay. You'll need a green beeswax candle and money drawing oil.

  1. On a piece of paper, write the amount of a bill you owe.
  2. Anoint the candle with the money drawing oil.
  3. Place the paper with the amount written on it under the candle.
  4. Light the candle, take a deep breath, and for the next 15 minutes, visualize writing the check to pay the bill, putting it in an envelope with a bill and then mailing it.
  5. Snuff the candle with your fingers or use a snuffer. Do not blow the candle out or it will interfere with your spell.
  6. Repeat the ritual for seven days at the same time each day. On the final day, use the candle flame to burn the paper, and allow the candle to finish burning out on its own.

Good Luck Spell

This spell will help clear the bad luck out of your life and draw good fortune to you. You will need one candle to represent yourself in any color you choose. You'll also need one gray candle, one black candle and one orange candle.

  1. Before you begin the spell, take a shower to wash away any negativity clinging to you.
  2. Etch your name into the candle that represents you and light it.
  3. Light the black candle and visualize all the bad luck that has plagued you. Next, say "Bad luck leave me now."
  4. Light the gray candle and say "All my bad luck is now dissolved." Visualize all the troubles in your life dissolving into nothing.
  5. Light the orange candle and say, "Only good luck and positive energy comes to me now." Visualize good fortune being drawn into your.
  6. Allow the candles to burn down naturally.

Candle Color Meanings

For some practitioners of candle burning spells, the particular color or shape of the candle plays an important part in the ritual. The following are the candle color or color combinations and their general meanings:

  • White - Purity and spiritual healing
  • Blue - Good intentions, harmony, joy
  • Green - Money, bountiful crops and a good job
  • Red - Health, passion and love
  • Yellow - Prayer, attraction and friendship
  • Pink - Attraction and romance
  • Purple - Power and ambition
  • Orange - Foreseeing the future, changing plans
  • Brown - Neutrality, legal matters and to return what is lost
  • Black - Sorrow and used to ward away evil
  • Red and Black - Used to remove a love-jinx spell
  • Green and Black - Used to remove a money-jinx spell
  • White and Black - To send evil back to the sender

Shaped Candle Meanings

Candles made in the image of a figure can be used in place of a plain candle for a spell ritual. The color and shape of these types of candles are made to suit a particular purpose. The following are a few of the many types of candle figurees available and their uses:

  • Bride and Groom - This couple stands side-by-side with a wick in each of the figures. Blue is for a happy home, white for fidelity, red for passion and pink represents reconciliation.
  • Couple - This couple stands back to back with a single wick in the middle. This candle is black and is used to cause separation. It is also known as the divorce candle.
  • Cross or crucifix candle - These candles come in a variety of colors for every need. For example, white is for purity and green is for money.
  • Devil - A red one is used for lust, green for collecting money and black for doing harm.
  • Goat - Red is for love spells, black is used for doing harm.
  • Skull - This figure is primarily black and used for death meditations.
  • Cat - This figure is primarily black and used for gambling luck.
  • Seven knob wishing candle - May be used for seven different wishes, burned seven days for one wish, or burned once for the power of seven on a single wish. The color of the candle determines what the wish is for. These particular candles may also be dressed and carved with names or symbols before they are burned.

Achieve Your Heart's Desire

Spells can be created for just about any situation that arises. Try your hand at candle spells with homemade candles or ones that you have purchased from a local store. By using your own creativity for dressing the candles and writing the spell, you'll create a unique candle burning ritual that will help you achieve your heart's desire.

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Candle Burning Spells