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Candle Magic Spells and Colors

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Understanding the relationship between candle magic spells and colors may seem like a complicated task. However, it's important to understand this aspect of candle magic if you wish to cast spells correctly.

What Is Candle Magic?

Candle magic is the practice of burning candles as part of rituals designed to accomplish a special goal. Spells to attract a lost lover or bring good fortune are examples of candle magic.

Candle Spells, Witches and Religions

Casting candle magic spells is common in the Wiccan religion. However, long before Gerald Brousseau Gardner started the Wicca movement in the 1950s, there were other witches, such as white witches and red witches casting magic candle spells and still do today. Witches in ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece used candle magic. The religions Voodoo, Hoodoo and other cultures around the world were practicing candle magic and still do. Today, there are many other types of people interested in candle magic.

Wiccan Rule for Casting Spells

Spells can be cast for you or on behalf of someone else, although it is never recommended to cast a spell on someone without their permission. White magic uses candle magic is not used for evil or unsavory purposes. The Wiccan Rede "An it harm none, do what thou wilt" should always be remembered when considering the use of candle magic spells and colors.

Basic Candle Magic Spells and Colors

People interested in casting spells with candles sometimes disagree on what color candle is best for a particular spell. Each color has a specific general meaning that can guide you in selecting the perfect color for your spell.


A red candle is used to represent the element of fire. It is common in spells to maintain health, increase strength, promote passion, or employ defensive magic. You can learn how to do red candle magic spells to mend broken friendships, unblock creativity and attract positivity into your life.

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Pink candles are most commonly used in rituals to promote self-love. However, they are also ideal for spells relating to weddings and emotional unions. The color symbolizes relaxation, love, and friendship. You can also cast pink candle love spells.


An orange candle is used to attract specific influences or objects when casting a candle magic spell. It promotes energy. You can use orange for spells in achieving goals, success in your career, and imbue your efforts with courage and boldness.


Representing the element of air, yellow candles are recommended for spells which are intended to heighten visualization abilities. Yellow is also the color of intelligence, confidence, and eloquence. You can also use yellow for a practical spell related to candle spells for employment, such as bolstering your confidence when going for a job promotion


Naturally, green is the color of money and prosperity. However, this candle color can also be used in spells for good luck, fertility, healing or growth. You can cast an abundance spell using a green candle.


A blue candle represents the element of water. It is used in spells to affect sleep or to awaken the psychic mind. You can also use blue candles for magic spells to advance spirituality, discover your higher self, achieving harmony and inner peace.


Purple candles enhance spiritual activities and increase your magical powers. In combination with blue candles, they can be used in healing rituals. You can also cast purple candle spells to obtain power and support your ambitions.

Still life with old tarot cards, purple candle, runes and flowers


White is the color of protection and purification. Linked with the moon, white candles contain all colors and are used for positive purposes. White candle magic spells are used for a variety of spells such as protection, clarity, healing, astral projection and even to cast love spells.


While black candles are often associated with evil magic, the color represents the opposite. Black candles absorb negative energy. The black color is created by absorbing of all light and reflecting none. These are the properties that make black an ideal color for protection candle spells. Black candles are used in protection spells because they are so powerful in absorbing negative energies meant for you. Black candles can be used for positive rituals, such as those to absorb an illness or stop bad habits. You can learn how to use a reversing candle spell using a black and red candle. A reversing spell can break black magic spells cast against you.


Brown candles are burned in combination with other candles when spells invoke animals. For this reason, people interested in candle magic spells and colors often keep several brown candles on hand. Brown candle magic spells can also help you connect with Earth energies and find harmony with nature.


Gold is a metal of the Earth and prized for its monetary value. You can use Wiccan candle magic spells for money and prosperity. You can also use gold for spells of success in business.

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Copper is another Earth metal and has powerful properties in a candle magic spell for achieving professional growth. This is an especially helpful color for any candle magic spell to bring good rewards for your family and if you have a family business.


Silver is yet another Earth metal that can be used in candle magic spells. You can use a silver candle in a magic spell to advance your personal growth to enhance your psychic and intuition abilities.

Wiccan Candle Colors

While these candle colors are used in all types of magic, they are also used in many Wiccan magic candle spells. When you begin the work, be sure to focus on the main reason you selected the candle color you're using in your magic spell.

Tip for Selecting Type of Candle Wax

Ideally, you want to use candles made from soy or beeswax for casting candle magic spells. This is important because these candles contain natural ingredients, helping to bring you closer to the spirit of the universe. Making the candles yourself isn't necessary, but some people do choose to go this route to further ensure the purity of their candles.

Adding Essential Oils to Candle Spells

While choosing the right candle candle for your spell is important, you can also use essential oils to give your spells a magical boost. For example, cinnamon can be used in spells to attract a lover or enhance the romance in your relationship. A drop of pure essential oil placed on the top of an unscented candle will release its fragrance when the candle is lit.

Essencial oils and candles

Using Candle Magic Spells and Choosing Candle Colors

Whether you're using candle burning spells, candle healing spells or Wiccan candle spells you want to select the right candle color. The success of your spell can often hinge on the color of the candle you chose to cast your magic spell.

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Candle Magic Spells and Colors