Finding Candle Making Classes

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Candle making class

Taking a class on candle making is an excellent way to learn about the different types of candle waxes, the equipment needed and the various techniques used to make each style of candle. There are many classes for candle making available for those that are new to the craft and for experienced candle makers who want to learn a new skill or technique.

Online Class Options

You don't need to travel to learn some basic candle making skills. A few places online offer free or low-cost candle making classes you can take to learn the basics, as well as some more advanced techniques.

One Stop Candle

One Stop Candle offers a free candle making course for beginners that teaches you all the basics of candle making. The course consists of eight lessons taken online. Most people are able to complete all eight in about 2 hours, but you can pace yourself taking as much or as little time as you need to get through it.

While the course is free, you do need to register to take it. Once you register, the URL and login information are emailed to you; the course is offered on a separate database from One Stop Candle. When you've finished the basics course, One Stop Candle also has a number of free sets of instructions you can use to advance your candle making skills.

Nature's Garden

Nature's Garden offers multiple online classes in both basic and advanced candle making. The classes are free and offered in PDF format; click on any of the classes, such as How to Make Chunky Votive and Pillar Candles. You'll be taken to a page with the instructions on making the candle. Included in their many offerings are classes on topics like:

  • Common Candle Making Mistakes
  • Candle Additives Information
  • Science of Candle Wicking
  • How to Make Votive Candles

Most of the classes are fairly short and to the point; if you have no experience begin with learning about the ingredients and the process. Once you've covered the basics, taking on a project is easy because the website provides the ingredient lists and step-by-step instructions on how to make the candle.

Universal Class

Universal Class offers a course in Candle Making 101 for $35, or $60 if you wish to get a certificate of completion at the end. The course is instructor-led, but self-paced and takes about 10 hours. Signing up for the class gives you six months to complete the course, working at your own pace and during your own time. Taking the course gets you 1.0 CEU, or continuing education credit.

The course covers 15 lessons beginning with the history of candle making, covering equipment, step-by-step candle making and additives, and ends with marketing ideas. The course also thoroughly covers starting your own candle making business and provides you with resources such as wholesale suppliers lists and candle making communities.

Be aware that this is a graded class, and exams are given after each of the lessons are covered. If you are taking the class to get the CEU, you will need to get at least a 70 percent lesson mastery rate to pass or complete the course.

Craft Cave

Craft Cave offers free online instruction in candle making, including their Introduction to Candle Making - a free online course that takes you through safety, materials and instructions for making your own pillar candles. The course covers eight lessons, all of which are laid out in simple, step-by-step modules. You can take them at your own pace; most people complete them in approximately two hours. Once you've completed the course, you'll find instructions for preparing molds and whipping wax as well as several troubleshooting guides that can help you with problems like wax shrinking and over-dipping.

Finding Local Classes

If you want to get instruction in person, you may be able to find some candle making courses near you. Many craft stores and community colleges offer candle making classes for a small fee. A few places to go to find out what classes may in your area include:

  • Yelp: Visit Yelp and enter, "Candle Making Classes" and your city into the search fields. It will return any classes offered near you, as well as reviews from those who have tried them.
  • Local Craft Stores: Some craft stores like Michaels, A.C. Moore and Joann's offer classes year round. The schedule changes often and varies by location; call your local store to see if they are scheduling candle making soon.
  • Library: Many libraries have information on classes given in your area, whether it is through the library itself, the town or a local community center.

Learn to Make Your Own Candles

Whether you take an online course, or you find a class in your area, learning to make candles can be a fun introduction to this hobby. Learn the basics or advance your skills with instruction from teachers who know a great deal about this craft.

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Finding Candle Making Classes