Candle Mold Accessories

Candle mold accessories make candle making easier.
Candle mold accessories make candle making easier.

Candle mold accessories can be useful to help the candle making process a little easier. From lubricants to mold sealers, these tools are not always necessary for successful candle making, but they sure do come in handy!

Advantages of Candle Mold Accessories

Candles have been made for centuries, and it's true that early candle makers didn't have all of the convenient accessories and materials that we have today. It is certainly possible to make beautiful and functional candles with just the basic tools and materials needed: wax, a wick, and a mold.

Candle mold accessories do have advantages, however, including:

  • Making certain stages of the process easier
  • Giving us the ability to create candles of uniform size, shape, and wick placement
  • Preventing common problems and mistakes
  • Speeding up the candle making method

Types of Candle Mold Accessories

There are several types of accessories available for candle molds. Here are some that are fairly common and easy to find.

Release Agents

One of the most common problems candle makers face is releasing the finished candle from the mold. No matter what material your molds are made from, there is a risk that the cooled wax just won't budge from the mold. Candle release agents help to lubricate the mold, making removal much easier.

Some types of release agents are:

  • Silicone spray
  • Liquid silicone release
  • Powdered vegetable oil
  • Oil-based sprays

Most candle mold manufacturers recommend using a release agent at least the first time that you use a new candle mold. Always check the label of a release product to make sure it's suitable for the type of mold you're using.

Mold Sealers and Plugs

Mold sealers and plugs are used to seal the hole at the bottom of a candle mold, where the wick is placed. These products can vary greatly in design, and include:

  • Sticky tape-like rolls
  • Gummy or tacky putties
  • Rubber plugs
  • Magnetic plates for metal molds

Wick Bars and Adhesives

Wick bars are extremely handy for centering and holding a candle wick in place while the wax is setting. There are many different types of bars and other devices, and most of them are really simple to use. You can also use glue dots or other adhesive products for this purpose. Some types of wick bars and adhesives are:

  • Plastic or metal bars that rest on top of the mold
  • Tabs with single or double wick holes for double-wicked candles
  • Discs that rest on the top of a container candle
  • Adjustable criss-cross shaped bars
  • Wick pins or rods for pillar candles
  • Glue dots or "wick stickums"

Choosing a wick bar or other system for centering and holding a candle wick can be a process of trial and error. Start off with a simple bar product that will work for multiple types of molds.

Other Mold Accessories

There are still more candle mold tools out there for you to try. Here are some of the less common but still sometimes useful accessories.

  • Mold weights - mold weights are used with metal candle molds when they need to be placed in a water bath. The weights prevent the filled molds from floating up to the surface.
  • Mold cleaners - Candle mold cleaners are usually unnecessary, since you can effectively clean your molds with household products.
  • Fluted or tapered cutters - These little devices cut the bottoms of taper candles so that they will fit into standard sized candle holders.
  • Flat candle cutters - Also called levelers, these tools use heat and/or a sharp metal cutter to give finished candles, such as votives and pillars, a perfectly flat bottom.
  • Candle mold holders and tongs - Mold holders and tongs are similar to the equipment used in canning, allowing you to safely handle hot molds full of melted wax.

Where to Purchase Mold Accessories

Candle mold tools and accessories can be purchased wherever you buy your candle making supplies. Here are some online merchants who have a good variety of products for you to try:

Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional candle maker, these accessories can save you time and frustration.

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