Candle Spells for Employment

Use a yellow candle for an employment spell.

Candle spells for employment are used to help when you're looking for a new job. There are a number of different candle burning spells to choose from, depending on where you are in the job searching process.

About Candle Spells

Candle spells have been used for centuries as a form of magic. All these spells require are a candle and a strong desire and ability to believe. If you can focus on your goal and concentrate that focus while lighting the candle, you can perform a candle spell. Once the candle is lit, it's important to visualize your desires and concentrate.

It's important to note that candle spells should never be used to wish harm on anyone. In the case of employment spells, it's fine to cast one for your own gain, but you should never wish for something negative to happen to someone else in order to create a job opening for yourself.

Candle Spells for Employment Basics

All of the colors of candles represent different qualities. For employment spells, use green candles, which are associated with both money and luck, or yellow candles that symbolize intelligence and confidence. If you don't have a green or yellow candle, you could use purple, which represents power and ambition, or simply use a white candle. White candles can be used for any spell.You should always use a new, fresh candle that has not been previously lit. This is because it is believed that candles pick up vibrations each time they are used, whether or not you've used it for a spell in the past. A fresh candle provides a clear path to your goal. Candles should be placed on an altar, but if you don't have one, any flat surface will do. Just be sure it's a safe place for a lit candle!

Some spells will require you to dress the candle. This simply means that you must anoint it with oil by using your fingertips, carve words or symbols into the candle, and charge it with your own personal energy. This is not always required, but many believe that it will give the spell a better chance of taking hold.

Casting a Candle Spell for Employment

Here is a simple but effective candle spell to use at any stage of your job search. It should be started on a Sunday.

Clear your altar or flat surface of any clutter. Likewise, clear your mind to focus on the spell and your goal of employment.

Light a yellow or gold candle. Repeat the following chant three times:

  • A good job awaits me I know
  • For thine brilliant light scans
  • And searches a place for me
  • A good job awaits me
  • For thine goodness is great
  • My faith in thee is complete
  • A good job waits for me

Let the candle burn for nine minutes, while visualizing yourself working at a job you enjoy. Snuff out the flame, and repeat the spell every Sunday until you get a job or the candle runs out.

More Candle Spells for Finding a Job

There are several other spells you can use while you search for employment. Some are more involved, while others should be used at specific times in your job search. Here are some for you to try.

  • Spells and Magic - This site offers half a dozen candle spells related to various aspects of career and employment.
  • Tryskelion - You'll find several candle spells for specific situations such as after you have submitted a resume or application or when you're wishing for a specific job.
  • Lucky Mojo - This page offers one spell which requires a black candle, and the spell must be performed during a specific time.

If you're looking for a job, don't rely only on candle spells to find new employment. Be sure to visit the Jobs channel for guidance, advice, and tips on searching for a new job.

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Candle Spells for Employment