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Article Highlight: Love Spells Using Pictures and Candles

People have been using love spells with pictures and candles long before photography was invented. Unrequited love motivates some to seek love through a magic spell, while others desiring a new or old love to… Keep reading »

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Candle Magic
Candle magic is sympathetic magic.

Candle magic is popular in many parts of the world from lighting a candle in memory of a loved one to lighting a candle to carry a prayer. Spell magic includes making candles, lighting candles and using candles in ceremonies.

Colors and Candle Magic

Different colors have different influence in candle magic. Pink candles are often used in love spells while green is popular with money spells. Brown candles may be used for candle magic involving earth and growth while white candles are used in rituals for memory and may represent masculine energy; for feminine energy, use a black candle.

Looking to arouse passion or to quell anger, red is the color to reach for while blue reaches for deeper more complex emotions and yellow candles increase mental acuity. The colors of candle magic are directly related to the spells, their origins and the sympathetic feelings of the person casting.

Rules in Candle Magic

Candle magic is particularly popular with Wicca and other Earth based religions. This form of sympathetic magic is often governed by the rule of three (i.e. that which is put out returns to the sender three-fold). This rule of magic is designed to promote the use of positive magic. For example, a candle spell cannot compel another against their will, but it can open their eyes to positive feelings they may already feel.

A candle spell cannot provide all the answers to a test, but it can help a person to focus their studies so that they can maximize their potential. While most candle spells are regarded as entertainment, it is a leap of faith. The experts at Love To Know Candles work hard to provide you with the most accurate and up to date information on candle magic and related candle spells.

Candle Magic