Candle Magic and Spells

Silver Candle Meanings: Gaining Wisdom and Protection

Silver Candle Meanings: Gaining Wisdom and Protection

A silver candle can remove negativity, making it a valuable meditation or candle magic tool. You can light a silver candle any time you feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts or forces. Keep reading »

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Candle magic and spellwork

Candle magic is practiced throughout the world just as it was by ancient Celts, Romans, Greeks, and Babylonians. Modern day practitioners include, religious sects, such as Hoodoo, Voodoo, druids, wiccans, and others. Candles are used in rituals, religious ceremonies, magic spells, and various divinations methods.

Guidelines for Candle Magic

Candle magic is a form of sympathetic magic governed by the rule of three that states whatever you put out through a magic spell will return to you threefold. In candle magic, this means you can cast a candle spell for obtaining power and furthering your ambitions, but not at the expense of another person.

Candle Magic, Pictures and Other Sympathetic Objects

In candle magic, you may also need to use other sympathetic magic objects (representations), such as a picture of someone you love for a candle love spell. You can't compel another person to act against their will or force them to love you. However, your love spell might open that person's eyes and help them recognize feelings they already have for you.

Candle Color Importance in Candle Magic

The color of a candle has a significant attribute and meaning specific to candle magic. These assigned meanings to each candle color are generally accepted and used to select the appropriate candle color for a specific ceremony, ritual or spell. The success of your candle spell may be as simple as using a specific color, such as a white candle for a cleansing or protection spell.

Choosing Candle Color for Specific Magic Spell

Part of the spellwork is to choose the appropriate candle color to infuse your spell with the specific attributes of that color. For example, pink candles or white candles are often used for casting love spells. A green candle is the ideal color for a money spell. You can learn how to cast red candle magic spells to take advantage of the properties this color brings, such as passion, desire and heightened emotions.

Candle Flame Meaning

You can learn how to interpret candle flame meanings to evaluate the progress of your spellwork. Understanding how long to burn candles for abundance spells can mean the difference between a successful spell and one that fails.

Candle Magic Spells for Specific Outcomes

You may be seeking a candle magic spell for good luck or need a reversing candle spell to reverse your luck. You may realize that a 7-day candle holds the magic power needed for a previously failed spell. There are candle spells that can help you break a candle spell placed on you. From healing candle spells to casting a spell to find employment, there is a candle spell for every desire and need.

Learning to Use Candle Magic

There are several ways you can use magic candle in your work. When you learn how to use candle magic, you can cast spells to enhance your life and achieve your desires and needs.

Candle Magic and Spells