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Gold Canyon Candles Overview

Gold Canyon Candles Overview

Gold Canyon is known for long burning handmade scented candles. The company offers other scent-related flameless fragrance products for your home. Keep reading »

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Candle parties are a popular sales technique for independent distributors to promote and sell candles. Large candle companies use parties and social gatherings to draw together a group of people for the sales demonstration. Whether you're hosting or attending, candle parties are a fun way to connect with friends and walk away with great-smelling products.

Candle Party Companies

A traditional party typically takes place in a home with the sales representative acting as a second host to the homeowner. The hostess benefits from orders placed at the party while guests benefit from the games where they can win party products and learn more about the candle party company's line of products. Candle parties are ideal for:

  • Housewarming parties
  • Seasonal parties
  • Dinner parties
  • Block parties
  • Fundraisers

Gold Canyon Candles

Gold Canyon's unique candles and scented products are only available through their direct sales consultants. They carry a wide variety of candles and are known for their unique designs and rich fragrances. You can also purchase all the tools and accessories you need to keep your candle collection glowing. Aside from candles, Gold Canyon also carries cool scented products such as bookmarks and natural cleaning products.

PartyLite Candles

If you're looking for innovative candle designs and functions, PartyLite Candles are a great option. Their subtle scent and modern designs give you long-lasting candles that don't leave a big mess or an overwhelming fragrance in your home. The company also carries several flameless scent options and room sprays so you're not limited to just candles.

Scentsy Candles

The Scentsy business celebrates scented wax in a different way by offering wax melts and warmers instead of traditional candles. The company focuses on unique and innovative ways to fill your home, office, or car with lovely fragrances that are safe to use.

Candle Party Games

Games you may play at a candle party include classic icebreakers with a twist like What's In Your Purse?, Guess the Scent, and Identify the Product. Prizes are often products provided by the sales representative. The party games serve two purposes. The first is to encourage conversation, laughter, and relaxation. The second is to provide samples of the products. Guests who win prizes now have a positive association with the company and the products.

Light Up Your Life

Candle enthusiasts, hobbyists, and sales experts share their advice and tips for using or selling candles to help spread the positive emotional response that comes from lighting a candle. Whether you're looking to create a romantic atmosphere at home or need a homey feel in your office, candles can help you achieve those feelings. LoveToKnow does not endorse any direct seller of candle products or candle parties.

Candle Parties and Activities