Finding Cheap Fragrance Oils

Yankee Candle Home Fragrance Oil Starter Kit
Yankee Candle Home Fragrance Oil Starter Kit

If you're interested in buying fragrance oils, make sure you understand the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils. Fragrance oils are made with synthetic ingredients, while essential oils contain natural plant extracts. However, some manufacturers now create hybrid oils that contain a mixture of natural and synthetic ingredients.The primary reason people purchase essential oils is for aromatherapy. Although many fragrance oils are labeled as having aromatherapy benefits, experts recommend that you use only pure essential oils for aromatherapy treatments. Unfortunately, pure essential oils are much more expensive than ordinary fragrance oils. If you're on a tight budget, you'll be pleased to hear that there are several ways to find cheap fragrance oils.

Where to Find Low Cost Fragrance Oils

Dollar Stores

The cheapest fragrance oils can be found at stores like Dollar General and Dollar Tree. The selection of scents may be rather limited, however. In addition, the bottles may be sealed in packages that won't allow you to smell what you are buying.

When purchasing fragrance oils from a dollar store, keep in mind that these products are often made with lower quality ingredients. This means you may need to use more of the product to get the same result you'd have from a higher quality oil. Obviously, this will reduce the amount of money you're saving on your purchase.

Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works may be known for lotions and shower gels, but you can also find a number of great home fragrance products here. There are fragrance oils in all of the company's most popular scents, as well as oil burners and plug in fragrance oil warmers. Look for free home fragrance coupons to help you save money on your purchase. Keep in mind that the company also has regular sales to get rid of discontinued fragrances.

Other Sources

Can't find the fragrance oils you need locally? There are a number of online retailers offering affordable fragrance oils. Love To Know Candles suggests visiting the following:

  • From Nature with Love offers affordable fragrance oils in several different sizes, so you can order exactly how much you need for your project. Keep in mind that the company sells both cosmetic grade and candle making oils, however.
  • Home Fragrance Oils has a large selection of budget priced fragrance oils, with something to suit every taste. If you can't decide what to buy from the product descriptions alone, you can order samples of the oils for a small fee.
  • Save On Crafts offers a wide variety of discount craft supplies, including cheap fragrance oils.
  • is often considered a place to buy books, DVDs, and electronics, but the site does have a large selection of fragrance oils in prices to fit any budget. Many oils are also eligible for the company's free shipping promotion.

Seasonal Clearance

When searching for fragrance oils online, don't overlook the value of seasonal clearance sales. Many stores will discount seasonal merchandise by 50-75% after a major holiday. This can be a great time to pick up cheap fragrance oils in scents like sugar cookie, cranberry, or evergreen.


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Finding Cheap Fragrance Oils