Christmas Tree Candle Lights

Christmas tree with candle light

Christmas tree candle lights are one of the oldest holiday decorating traditions. In years past, real candles were used to light the Christmas tree. Modern candle lights are not real candles at all, but cleverly crafted replicas that don't need an open flame to light up the tree.

Modern Christmas Tree Candle Lights

As Christmas decorations have evolved, they have become much more safe and practical. While candles are lovely on a Christmas tree, they do pose a fire hazard, especially if there are young children or pets in the house. The open flames, resulting smoke, and melting wax can cause fires as well as damage to floors, ceilings, walls, and the other decorations on the tree.

Strings of flameless candle lights, run on electricity or batteries, resemble the look of real candles. You can even purchase sets of these lights that will flicker just like a lit candle would.

Some people still use wax candles to decorate their trees, though many don't ever light them. Real candles placed on the tree near their electric counterparts can give the tree an old-fashioned feel with modern safety and convenience in mind.

Examples and Where to Purchase

Christmas tree lights that look like candles can be purchased wherever holiday decorations are sold, such as department stores, home décor outlets, and even hardware stores. You can also find them at online retailers.

Here are some examples of candle lights for your Christmas tree and where you can purchase them.

  • D. Blumchen and Company - Blumchen specializes in holiday decorations, and they actually sell clip-on Christmas tree candle holders and small real candles to fit in them. They recommend that you never light these candles, however. The candle holders are bright and shiny with seasonal motifs, and the candles come in traditional red or white.
  • QVC - This strand of lights that look like little candles is battery operated. They would be perfect for a tabletop tree, or a Christmas tree located where there is no outlet nearby to plug lights into. You could also string them along a strand of garland or on a large holiday wreath.
  • Bronner's Christmas Wonderland - Back in the 1960s and 70s, colored bubble lights were very popular. These lights are brightly colored in all shades of the rainbow, and feature a "bubbling" light that resembles boiling liquid. The top of these lights are made to look like candles. If you're after a retro look with your candle tree lights, these are the ones for you!

Candle Lights Fit Into Any Christmas Tree Theme

Whether you decorate your Christmas tree with a carefully planned color scheme and matching decorations, or you tend to use a hodgepodge of baubles and sentimental ornaments, candle lights are a great addition. Try adding a strand of flameless LED candle lights to your tree, or a few carefully placed single candle lights. You're sure to enjoy the warmth and traditional feel they will bring.

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Christmas Tree Candle Lights