Creative Ideas for Taper Candle Holders

Create lovely candle holders

A few creative ideas for taper candle holders can help to create wonderful items which are both decorative and functional.

About Taper Candle Holders

One of the key features of a taper candle is its distinctive shape and size. A taper candle is long and thin, 'tapering' to a point. This long and slender shape makes the candle extremely versatile. When combined with a taper candle holder, a taper candle becomes a decorative feature in its own right.

There are many different types of candle holders that are suitable for taper candles. These range from large and ornate chandelier style candle holders that are made from wrought iron and are traditional in style, to fun and funky candle holders that are designed to add some color to a room.

Taper candle holders often reflect the tall and elegant shape of the candle. This means there is plenty of scope for adding further decoration or customizing the candle holders. Just a few creative ideas for taper candle holders are all that is required to turn shop bought candle holders into unique and customized, one-of-a-kind works of art. This is also a good way to use cheap candle holders.

Some Creative Ideas for Taper Candle Holders

There are many ways of customizing taper candle holders.

Adding Beads

Glass beads are a wonderful way of adding sparkle and color to a candle holder. They can be found in many different colors and sizes meaning that they are highly adaptable. Very small and subtle colored glass beads can add a dash of understated elegance, while bright and bold beads can make a dramatic statement. Glass beads are simple to add to candle holders.

Some creative ideas for taper candle holders include wrapping strings of glass beads around the stem of a candle holder. This can look extremely effective, particularly if this is reflected through other forms of decoration. For instance, you could also try adding glass beads to napkin rings and coasters.


Charms are perfect for adding a little extra detail to a candle holder. There are lots of different types of charms and as well as being used for jewelry, charms are also used to decorate mobile phones, handbags and even wine glasses. Charms are simply attached using a jump ring or split ring. These can be hung from the arms of taper candle holders.

Glass Paint

Glass paint or other specialist paints are ideal for using on glass candle holders. Glass taper candle holders can be customized with a painted decoration and this is a lovely way to personalize a candle holder for a wedding or party.

Other Types of Taper Candle Holders

There are other creative ideas for taper candle holders that involve using recycled materials. This is a good way of finding unusual supplies as well as being kind to the environment. Using bottles to hold taper candles is a perfect way to add some retro chic glamor to an occasion. Glass wine and champagne bottles, for instance, make very effective taper candle holders. Add some sand to the bottle to give it additional stability and it can be used outside as well as indoors. Using a wine bottle from a special occasion is a lovely way of keeping the bottle as a special memento.

Taper candle holders can also be made from tall glass jars. It is important, however, to ensure that the candle is firmly held in place. Sand, pebbles or other materials will help to keep the candle firmly upright.

Some creative ideas are all that is required to make some lovely and unique candle holders that are perfect for many occasions. This is a great way of adapting shop bought candle holders or using recycled materials and turning them into something special.

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Creative Ideas for Taper Candle Holders