Discount Natural Candles

A natural beeswax candle

Finding discount natural candles is the perfect way to own lovely traditional candles while not breaking the bank!

What are Natural Candles?

Candles are one of the most traditional forms of lighting. Historically, candle makers used ingredients that were naturally available to create candles. It is only over recent years that a range of heavily manufactured candle making ingredients have become widely available. The traditional forms of candles would have been created from all natural ingredients such as forms of tallow and wax from bees. Tallow was regarded as a highly versatile commodity and would be used to make both candles and soap. This connection is why even today, the crafts of candle making and soap making are closely linked.

Today, the craft of natural candle making has many more ingredients available. Vegetable waxes are from natural and sustainable resources and, of course, beeswax remains continually popular and is an important by-product of the honey making industry.

Buying Discount Natural Candles

Although natural candles are highly prized and are regarded as some of the best candles available, it is possible to find discount natural candles. This is a great way to try new and different types of candles that might otherwise be cost prohibitive.

To find discount candles, you can buy direct from the candle maker, look at natural fairs, or shop online.

Buying Direct From the Candle Maker

Many artisan candle makers work with all natural ingredients. The artisan candle maker will use traditional methods and processes to make candles, such as dipping or the creation of poured beeswax candles from lightly processed wax which retains the light fragrance of honey. These candle makers have high standards and make wonderful handmade candles that often sell for a premium.

Batches of candles can go wrong, however, perhaps they failed to set correctly or a batch of beeswax may have required further refining. Candle makers often sell these imperfect candles direct to the public at discount prices. These candles will burn perfectly and often to the untrained eye will look as great as the next candle. High quality control standards simply mean that even candles with small flaws are offered at a discount price.

Natural Fairs and Markets

Another great way to buy discount natural candles is from fairs and markets. Fairs and markets specializing in natural products are likely to offer a wide selection of natural candles. The fact that the overheads are lower than selling through a store means that lower prices can often be found. Extra discounts and savings can be found at the end of the day when the stall holder may be looking to sell off stock rather than have to take it home.

Buying Natural Candles Online

Online candle stores often offer a range of natural candles at highly competitive prices. The lower costs of online retailers means that they can often sell a range of discounted natural candles. These stores also frequently offer candles in packs of two or four dozen, meaning that bulk buying discounts can also be found.

One of the benefits of buying candles online is that great discounts can be found on a range of candles, from beautiful natural scented soy chunk candles and botanical soy candles to beeswax candles. Websites such as the Yankee Candle Outlet Store also often sell a range of discounted natural candles of all descriptions.

Tips for Buying Cheap Natural Candles

Here are some tips that will help ensure the perfect purchase:

  • Buying in bulk might not be suitable for everyone. However, teaming together with friends or neighbors is a good way to get a large order without being stuck with a single type of candle for what might feel like a very long time!
  • Look out for natural candles that have been marked down because the packaging is damaged. This won't in anyway effect the use of the candle.
  • Consider making your own candles. This can be the perfect way to own special and all natural candles.
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Discount Natural Candles