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If you are looking for the special scents and fragrances from a candle but without worries of a naked flame, then perhaps an electric votive candle warmer might be just the thing. One of the major benefits of modern candles is the rich combination of wax and fragrances. When the candle is lit, the wax melts and releases a fragrance that is dispelled around the house. This is a lovely form of room fragrance and much less harsh than aerosol fresheners. As the fragrances used in candle making include essential oils, which are the distilled oils that come from completely natural ingredients, the fragrances and scents are often both beautiful and natural. Even synthetic fragrances have been carefully blended to create unique and individual fragrances that are highly attractive.

The main drawback for some people, however, is the fact that in order to release the fragrances that have been locked into the wax, the wax needs to be heated by lighting the candle. A lit candle can be a worry for families with young children or when the candle is to be used in rooms where an open flame may be a hazard. Some people worry about the carbon that is released by a burning candle flame and this is another valid concern.

Using an Electric Votive Candle Warmer

Recent innovations have made it possible to enjoy the fragrances of a scented candle without the need to burn a candle. An electric votive candle warmer gently melts the wax of a candle, releasing the fragrances and scents without setting light to the votive candle. These provide a perfect compromise, giving all the benefits of the beautiful fragrances without the concerns of an open flame.

How an Electric Votive Candle Warmer Works

The principle behind electric votive candle holders is quite simple. A votive candle is placed in a holder into the candle warmer. The base of the candle holder gently heats up and melts the wax, releasing the fragrance. The candle warmer maintains a steady heat ensuring that the wax does not solidify until the candle warmer is turned down. The candle warmers use a small amount of electricity and are relatively economic to run.

Candles to Use with a Candle Warmer

Any candle can be used with a candle warmer, assuming that it is in a container or holder. This is because the melted wax will run and could damage the candle holder if it is not contained. A votive candle in a container is ideal for use in a candle holder, particularly the long lasting varieties that burn for several hours, such as the 10 hour votive candle.

Types of Electric Candle Warmer

There are many different types of electric candle warmer. These range from very basic candle warmers that are simple a hot plate onto which a jar candle is placed, through to highly ornate and decorative votive candle warmers that are beautiful home accessories in their own right. The one common feature of the different types of candle warmer is the fact that they need to be plugged into an electricity supply. This means that they need to be placed in rooms with electricity and are unsuitable for outdoor use.

Buying Electric Candle Warmers

Electric votive candle warmers are sold by many of the large candle manufacturers and suppliers. They are, however, a common size that means that the candles from any manufacturer can be used. In addition to candle stores, electric candle warmers are also sold by gift stores and by large Internet websites such as Amazon.com. This wide availability means that finding the perfect candle warmer is easier than ever.

Votive candle warmers are the perfect way to experience the scent and fragrance of a candle without the worry or fear of using a naked flame. They have the added benefit of being attractive room features and are likely to become an increasingly popular home accessory.

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Electric Votive Candle Warmer