Gold Canyon Candles

Selling candles can be a great way to earn extra cash.

Gold Canyon candles let you liven up your home décor with rich scents and vibrant colors while offering a chance to turn your passion for candles into a new career opportunity.

About Gold Canyon Candles

Unlike the candles you can purchase at discount or department stores, Gold Canyon candles are sold exclusively through the company's network of independent demonstrators across North America. Currently, the company boasts over 25,000 registered consultants.

Gold Canyon candles are loved for their rich fragrances, vibrant colors, and attractive designs. The candles are available in a variety of sizes, including pillars, votives, and jar candles. Some of the company's more unusual products include:

  • Soda Shoppe candles that feature cherry, lime, and root beer scents in old-fashioned soda glasses
  • Caffe Velluto candles nestled in plain white European bistro style coffee cups and scented with the fragrances of your favorite drinks
  • Inspiration candles designed to use aromatherapy to boost your spirits
  • Candles for Kids, a line with a percentage of the profits donated to various children's charities

Other Gold Canyon Products

While Gold Canyon is best known for its candles, the company also sells a variety of other scented products. You can purchase several different styles of candle holders as well as lighters, wick trimmers, wick dippers, and other candle care items.Other interesting additions to the Gold Canyon product lineup include:

  • Scented bookmarks add a touch of fragrance to your reading experience.
  • Gold Canyon auto fresheners make your commute to work a delight for the senses.
  • Scent pods offer a safe and practical way to enjoy your favorite Gold Canyon fragrances when open flames are not allowed.
  • Homeology is a line of naturally cleaning products for the homemade with purified water and essential oils.
  • Emerge is a line of scented body care products with a fragrance derived from natural botanicals. The products are formulated to provide aromatherapy benefits, promoting energy and balance.

Gold Canyon Career Opportunities

Since Gold Canyon candles are sold through home parties, this direct sales opportunity offers candle lovers a chance to earn extra money selling products they already love. The starter kit to become a Gold Canyon demonstrator includes a number of sampler products as well as party invitations, catalogs, business cards, customer order forms, and all of the other business supplies you need to get started. You are not required to purchase inventory to start your business, although some consultants do find this to be the most convenient approach.

The commission from selling Gold Canyon candles ranges from 25% to 36%, depending upon your sales volume. Consultants interested in boosting their earning potential can also sign up for an e-commerce Web site and begin selling Gold Canyon products online.

Hosting a Party

If you're not quite ready to take the plunge and become a Gold Canyon consultant, consider hosting a party in your home. When you allow a demonstrator to use your home for a party, you can earn rewards redeemable for free candles and other merchandise. Rewards range from $20 for party sales of at least $150 to $230 for sales of $1,500 or more. This can be a fun, low stress way to build up your candle supply stash.

To sign up as a party hostess, contact your nearest Gold Canyon consultant.

Additional Information

To learn more about Gold Canyon candles and the career opportunities available through the company, LoveToKnow Candles suggests visiting the following links:

  • The Gold Canyon Web site contains information about the company's products, as well as instructions for becoming a candle demonstrator.
  • has a forum for Gold Canyon consultants to post questions and share information.
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Gold Canyon Candles