Halloween Candle Holders

Make Halloween extra special with candles!

Give your house an extra spooky feel with special Halloween candle holders! Whether you have a candle holder shaped like a pumpkin or a Gothic inspired candelabra, there is bound to be something to make your day a little bit extra special.

Halloween is the perfect time of year to really go to town with candle decorations. Halloween falls between the end of the summer and the beginning of the holiday season. It's a fun way to break up the long autumn nights. The traditions of Halloween go back many centuries and many cultures have a festival around this time of year.

Today, Halloween means different things to different people, making this a very flexible celebration. People with families may go the whole way with 'trick or treating', costumes, pumpkin carving and more, whereas other people may use Halloween as an opportunity to have a quiet get together with a few close friends. However you plan to spend the day, a few candles in Halloween candle holders will add a touch of atmosphere and fun to your day!

What are Halloween Candle Holders?

There are many different types of candle holder that are suitable for Halloween. Some of these candle holders have been specifically designed for Halloween and take into account many of the key features of the celebration such as ghosts, ghouls and other spooky things! Other candle holders that are designed for use all year round can also adapt well to use at Halloween. A striking wrought iron candle holder, for instance, looks great throughout the year yet adds that little extra dramatic touch at Halloween:

Some of the important features of Halloween candle holders are:


When planning any form of Halloween get together or party, it is important to make sure that candles are completely safe. This means ensuring that they cannot get knocked over or brushed against and that the candle flame cannot catch other materials alight. Many Halloween candle holders are both attractive to look at and also have many safety features such as special glass that has been tested to ensure it won't shatter with the heat. During a party, it is important to make sure that candle holders are well out of the reach of children. With the excitement of the celebration, young ones may forget basic safety rules and pick up a candle by mistake.

Provide Great Atmosphere

One of the fun aspects of Halloween candle decorations is that they add to the atmosphere of the celebration. Whether you intend to hold a dinner party resplendent in full Gothic candlelit glamor or simply to have one or two Halloween scented candles, a candle needs to help create a great atmosphere. Large pillar or column candles are great for adding dramatic atmosphere to a room, whereas tiny glimmering tea lights are wonderful for adding a shimmering light to a room. Halloween candle holders should enhance the overall look of the candle.

Halloween Candle Lanterns

One of the most popular types of candle holder at Halloween is the Halloween candle lantern. These are lanterns that are decorated with a Halloween theme, such as witches or bats. When a lit candle is placed inside the lantern, the design really comes alive. Some Halloween candle lanterns are now available with flameless candles. This is a great alternative to traditional candles as they provide all the atmosphere without the danger of an open flame.

Jack O Lanterns

Perhaps one of the most well known Halloween candle holder is the iconic Jack O Lantern. This instantly recognizable face has traditionally been carved from pumpkins. Today, however, many manufacturers have started to design and create ready made versions. The artificial versions have the added benefit that there is no need to carve the pumpkin, saving time and mess. Whether you plan to have a real carved pumpkin or an artificial alternative, this type of candle holder is very simple to use. Simply pop the candle into the center of the pumpkin and the candlelight will shine through the eyes and mouth really bringing the face to life.

Halloween is a fun time of year and candles really help to make the celebration one to remember!

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Halloween Candle Holders