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Hand Poured Pillar Candles

Make your own pillar candles.

When certain items come together through the vehicle of combustion, such as those elements found in hand poured pillar candles, they yield flame, heat and light. These byproducts result from select chemical reactions that we all need to live. Without heat, we would be cold and our food would be raw. Without portable light, we would be dependent on the sun for illumination. Without flame, our communal moods would dip with each sunset.

Columns of Fire

Whereas bonfires and open hearths afford us these qualities, we can access them in smaller, safer ways with candles. One of the best vehicles for using light, heat, and flame, in turn, is handmade candles.

Given their phenomenal width, pillar candles burn for more extensive periods than do other fuel and wick combinations. Consequently, these candles, ounce for once, are less expensive than many other sources. If they are handmade, they are also likely to be more beautiful.

A Brief History of Wax and Wicks

Tallow was among the first substances humanity used to provide light, heat and flame. However, folks burned fats derived from sea creatures, from insects, and from plant resins. Whale blubber, bees wax, and bayberry all have been used as the primary ingredient in candle making.

Technology developed, historically, as well, for holding these burning substances. Dishes made from clay, and later from glass or metal, were used to keep candles stable.

Wicks were fashioned from fiber, either animal hairs or plant-based in nature. Today, the preferred wick is from cotton.

Hand Poured Pillar Candles: Individualized Crafts

Hand poured pillar candles, like hand knit sweaters, homemade cookies and other personally crafted items boast qualities not found in assembly line products. Because they are fashioned in studios rather than in factories, handmade candles are imbued with the goodness indigenous to exactingly selected ingredients and individualized creation. It is more likely to be charmed by a quirky or otherwise special personally poured candle than it is to fall in love with one that was created commercially.

In the case of handmade candles, the attention to detail afforded by cottage industries can provide a craft that is creamy, instead of almost plastic looking. Such candles can be individually scented or assembled in batches of like products.

When orders are processed in small amounts, it is easy for craftspeople to vary among round or square candles, tapers with fragrance or scent-free, pillars that stand a foot or more in height and pillars a few inches tall, traditional forms and ball shapes, frosted or smooth-surfaces, and sculpted or plain works.

Uses of Pillar Candles

Both historically and in contemporary times pillar candles have been used for a variety of reasons: as a source of light during energy black outs, and as timekeepers for periods of mourning, for spans of holidays, and for counting down to big events. Pillar candles are popular, as well, for wedding and commitment ceremonies and as decoration for lengthy parties.

Given the range of forms that pillar candles can assume, these beauties might be enjoyed, also, for lighting up yards and homes during holidays, for school and office ceremonies and for adding romance to private spaces.

Pillar Candles as Gifts

Pillar candles are portable, affordable gifts. They can be customized to a recipient's taste in color and scent and will evoke the giver for hours at a time.

Whereas pillar candles can be purchased in brick and mortar stores, they are also readily available from many online outlets. Consider incorporating pillar candles in your holiday or other special event shopping list today!

How to Make a Homemade Pillar Candle

Learning to make candles can be an enjoyable craft. Use this list of articles to help you determine the proper steps to creating your own pillar of flame.

Once you have basics for candle making, the shape determines the pillar candle. Use the proper mold to create your own tower of art.

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Written By: Dr. Karen

Hand Poured Pillar Candles