Holiday Money Tree Candles

Find money in hidden cash candle gifts.

Children, teens and adults will get a kick when they burn novelty holiday money tree candles.

Money to Burn

Candles have always been a popular gift for women. They enhance a home's beauty and fill the air with delightful scents. Whimsical candles, like money trees, are an amusing alternative to the more generic gift of vanilla-scented jar candles.

As the candle burns, wax will flow down the side of the candle. Cash denominations of anywhere from $1 to $100 will be revealed as the candle slowly melts. Some candles may have coins or foreign currency hidden inside.

It is not possible to know what amount of money is buried within the wax; the packaging and pricing are all the same. The final amount is a surprise to both the buyer and recipient.

Extract the money once the wax has melted all the way off the currency. Blow out the wick. Use pinchers to take the money out of hot wax. You can also wait until the wax has cooled to the touch and break off the piece with the money inside.

Giving Holiday Money Tree Candles as Gifts

Buy a money tree as a holiday candle gift for someone who enjoys a little mystery. This gift is perfect for the person on your list who has everything. Others who may enjoy money tree candles include:

The best part about these candles is that everyone will love them. Even people who dislike candles will find the money revealing burn an exciting process. These candles make great additions to bath and candle gift baskets.

Making Coin Candles

A money candle is created similarly to other cool candles. Just like other candle gifts you make, you can choose your own fragrances, colors and mold shapes. Depending on the holiday season, you could switch from a tree to a heart shape or even a birthday cake candle.

The difference in making these candles from other candles is that you must pour the wax in layers. If you pour the wax all at once while adding the coins, they will all sink to the bottom of the candle.

To make your own money candle:

  1. Pour wax into mold ¼ of the way. Add coins.
  2. Wait for wax to cool.
  3. Pour hot wax until ½ the mold is filled. Add coins.
  4. Wait for wax to cool.
  5. Pour wax until ¾ of the way full. Add coins.
  6. Wait for wax to cool.
  7. Fill the rest of the mold, adding a few coins towards the bottom.
  8. Let the mold cool completely and follow mold instructions for releasing the finished candle.

Sculpted pillar candles are a good sized candle that can hold a lot of coins. A votive or tea light candle would be too small to add more than just a few coins. They will also burn out faster than a large pillar.

Buying Cash Candles

Holiday money tree candles are also known as cash candles. They usually come in the shape of trees, pyramids or castles. A popular variation on the cash candle is the treasure candle, which burns down to reveal a piece of jewelry or a trinket.

Gift boutiques and novelty stores often carry cash and treasure candle gifts. You can buy them online, from retailers like:

Keep in mind that candles will be priced in bulk. Spending more on a particular candle will not necessarily result in finding a larger amount of money inside.

Fun Holiday Gift Idea

Purchase a few cash candles to give to the hard to buy for people on your holiday lists. Crafters can easily dress up a monetary gift by incorporating it into a holiday candle craft.

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Holiday Money Tree Candles