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Oil burners bring fragrance home.
Oil burners bring fragrance home.

A home fragrance oil burner is the perfect way to add beautiful scent and fragrance to your home. Oils have long been used to add scent and fragrance to a home. Essential oils are oils that are created taking the natural fragrance of plants creating special oils that contain the fragrance of the plant. Essential oils are created from all types of natural plant products including leaves, petals, seeds and bark. For many centuries, plant material has been used as a house freshener and modern households are now rediscovering the delights of fragrance oils to add an extra ambiance to a home.

Types of Oil Burner

There are many different types of fragrance oil burner available. These range from traditional styles through to contemporary items. They all follow the basic principle, however, of heating oil in a small container. This is typically heated by a small candle, however there are also a range of electrical devices that are suitable for homes where a candle is not practical. Oil burners are often formed in two parts, with the bottom part being a container for the candle and the top part being a small bowl or saucer to contain the oil. This can be made from a variety of heat resistant materials including metal, ceramic and stone.

Oil burners needn't be purely functional items. Some oil burners are attractive works of art in their own right and make stunning household accessories.

Oils for Burning in a Home Fragrance Oil Burner

There are many oils that are suitable for a home fragrance oil burner. Some oils, however, have a low flash point, meaning that they can catch ignite easily. It is important to check, therefore, before using an oil in an oil burner, that it is suitable for use in this type of appliance. Most fragrance oils will contain information clearly stating how they can be used. Types of oils that are suitable for use in an oil burner include:

  • Essential oils - there are a wide range of essential oils available. Not only do essential oils smell great, they are also said to have aromatherapy benefits. Lavender, for instance, is a natural relaxant and is useful for people who are seeking a relaxing evening. Essential oils are a pure form of oil and are often highly scented. Essential oils can also be blended to create unique fragrances. Advice should be sought, however, before blending oils to make sure that the oils are compatible.
  • Fragrance oils - fragrance oils are synthetically produced oils that contain a wide variety of fragrances. The fragrances include copies of natural scents such as floral or citrus scents, through to more unusual and unexpected aromas such as freshly cut grass, chocolate cake or baby powder. These oils are perfect for creating a specific ambiance in a room. Fragrance oils are widely available and are often formulated for use in oil burners.

Tips for Using Oil Burners

Here are some useful tips to help you get the most from your oil burner:

  • Extinguish the candle when the oil burner is not in use. This will help to maintain the life of the candle while also ensuring that the unsupervised candle does not present a hazard in the home.
  • Place the oil burner away from pets and children. The oil can get hot and as such it can cause injury if it is spilled.
  • Use only oils that are suitable for oil burners. Fragrance oil that is not suitable for an oil burner may ignite or the fragrance may be destroyed by the heat.

Oil burners are a great way to add fragrance and style to a home.

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Home Fragrance Oil Burner