How to Make Mosaic Candles

Mosaic candles make an attractive gift

Candle makers who know how to make mosaic candles are often surprised by the range of beautiful candles they can create using this simple technique.

The term 'mosaic' traditionally describes the creation of pictures and images through the use of tiny colored tiles. This was a popular form of design in ancient Rome and Greece. Many ancient mosaics are preserved and provide great inspiration for people today. Over the years the term 'mosaic' widened in its use. People use it to describe designs that are built up using blocks of color. In candle making these blocks of color are typically formed from chunks of colored wax.

Making Mosaic Candles

Making mosaic candles is surprisingly easy. All that is required is a few basic candle making supplies and lots of creativity!

How to Make Mosaic Candles

Begin by:

  • Place chunks of colored wax into a candle mold. Be sure the chunks are placed around the candle wick.
  • Pour a contrasting color of wax carefully over the chunks, be sure that the wick remains in place.
  • Leave the candle in a safe place to cool.
  • Remove from the mold when the candle is cold.

The chunks of colored wax give a mosaic effect to the candle. There are numerous ways that this very simple technique can be adapted. Changing the colors of wax or the type of mold used can change the look of a candle instantly.

Special candle making classes will explain how to make mosaic candles as well as many other different kinds of candle. Check out websites on candle making that offer plenty of help and advice.

Creating Themed Mosaic Candles

It is very simple to use different colors to create candles with a theme. Red and green chunks of colored wax, when combined with a plain white background look great for Christmas. Chunks of orange wax in a black background would complement Halloween decorations. A new baby could be celebrated by using pastel colored waxes. Combining the use of fragrance with the colored wax gives an additional dimension to a mosaic candle. The fragrance can complement or co-ordinate with the colors or be in a complete contrast. Orange wax, for instance, would work well when given an orange or citrus fragrance. Mixing fragrances when making a mosaic candle is part of the creative process as different scents will be released as the chunks of wax melt. There are a wide number of fragrances for candle making available.

Make Mosaic Candles Cheaply

Mosaic candles are a great way for recycling old, discarded wax and are a useful way to save money. Left over wax from previous projects, any odds and ends of colored wax or even the remains of burnt candles, can all be cut into chunks and used to create mosaic candles. Not only is this a good way to recycle and use wax that would otherwise be thrown away, it is also a wonderful way to make unusual and one of a kind candles.

Alternatives to Mosaic Candles

While mosaic candles are quick and simple to make, there are times when just creating a mosaic effect is all that is required. This can be achieved by using a mosaic candle holder. There are many extremely effective mosaic candle holders available and these are often formed using tiny pieces of colored glass that are held together using a glass cement. Even the most plain of candles will create lovely candlelight that will shine through the colored squares and give a pretty effect.

Knowing how to make mosaic candles opens up the opportunity to make many different types of interesting and unusual candles. They also make great gifts and are bound to be much appreciated.

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