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It's a Boy Baby Shower Candle

It's a Boy Baby Candle

If you know the sex of the baby about to be born, why not decorate the baby shower table with an "It's a boy!" baby shower candle? The guest of honor will surely be pleased.

Thinking About Candles

Candles come in all shapes and sizes as well as colors and scents. As you consider an "It's a boy!" baby shower candle, keep in mind the mother-to-be. Does she like certain aromas? Is she allergic to any scents? Is she trendy or traditional in her tastes? Choose the candle accordingly. You may place it on the refreshment table at the shower as a centerpiece. Arrange a bouquet of flowers near it or place tiny buds in vases to add to the beauty of the candle.

Where to Purchase an "It's a Boy!" Baby Shower Candle

As you look for a candle for the table, shopping online will save you time and gas money. Searching for bargains on the Internet is also a possibility. Etsy offers several options for an "It's a boy!" baby shower candle, and some can be personalized. If you would like to just have it plain and not engraved for the shower, that is a suggestion you may want to consider as well.

blue baby boy shower candle

eBay Bargains

Do not overlook a search on eBay for a shower candle. Many good deals and fine products can be found at this seller and buyer's haven.

Personalizing Baby Shower Candles

You will note that most candles for sale can be personalized with the name of baby boy, date of birth and weight at birth. Since baby showers are usually given before the birth of the infant, a personalized candle would be premature. However, you could choose to have something else inscribed for the shower. Some ideas could be:

  • Happy Baby Shower
  • Anticipating a New Baby!
  • Looking Forward to Holding Your Bundle of Joy
  • Oh, Boy, Oh, Boy!
  • Congratulations!
  • The date, time, and location of the baby shower

Other Candles

Besides the large candle you have purchased especially for the baby shower, decorate the event with other candles. Candles can also be given to guests as favors. These can be aromatic and small, or just a simple blue votive. It's always nice to get a party favor to enjoy at home after the event is over. Wrap each candle in some blue material and tie it with a blue ribbon or package the candle with a few wrapped chocolate mints.

If you have a theme for the shower, such as stuffed bears or cars or trucks, you may want to look for small candles in those shapes. Candles are often sold in tins that feature a picture of a baby, a bear, or a vehicle. Get creative! Ask for help from others who will be attending the shower.

Making Your Own

If you really want to be unique, consider getting the materials to make your own candle or candles. By using paraffin wax, you can make a pillar candle. Add color and fragrance. Tie a light blue ribbon around the base of the candle to create your own "It's a boy!" baby shower candle. Make smaller votive candles for the guests.

Candles will provide a wonderful, warm atmosphere to the festive event.

It's a Boy Baby Shower Candle