Make Citronella Candles

Repel insects with handmade citronella candles

Make citronella candles at home to create your own insect repellent. This is a natural way to repel insects and is perfect for outdoor eating during the summer.

Citronella is oil that comes from Cymbopogon. It is derived from the leaves and stems of the plant and when it is processed, the finished oil has a distinctive fragrance. While the oil can simply be used as a form of fragrance, the fact that it is also regarded as being an insect repellent means that it has an added benefit. This is a natural form of insect repellent and is a good alternative to chemical repellents and pesticides. Candles are a great way to bring the fragrance of citronella into the home and garden. Citronella candles are often placed outside during summer months to repel insects such as mosquitoes. This type of candle is perfect for outdoor eating, as it is a natural form of insect repellent.

Candles have a number of benefits including the fact that they are portable and can be moved around the home and garden. They are also highly attractive and can be used as a form of outdoor decoration as well as adding fragrance. It is possible to make citronella candles at home using just a few candle making materials and this can be a good option for candle makers of all experience levels.

Why Make Citronella Candles?

There are many reasons why making citronella candles at home are a good idea. These include:

  • Control over fragrance - when you make candles at home you can control the level of fragrance as well as the quality of citronella fragrance oil that is used.
  • Type of wax - commercially produced citronella candles are generally manufactured with paraffin wax. When you create your own candles at home you can make candles using a wide variety of waxes including new-generation 'eco waxes' which are made from plant materials. These can be a great alternative for people looking for an environmentally friendly option.
  • Style - candle makers can use their skills to create their own unique citronella scented candles. This can be ideal if you are seeking to make citronella candles for a specific room or location.
  • Color - because of the slightly citron smell of citronella, yellow is often used to color citronella candles. Making candles at home is a good way to make candles in your own color scheme without having to follow traditions.

Making Insect Repellent Candles

If you are interested in making your own citronella or insect repellent candles at home then it is important to read up about different aspects of candle making. This will help you to make attractive and practical candles safely. More information about making citronella candles and natural bug repellents can be found at the following websites:

  • Do It Yourself - tips for making insect repellent candles using citronella and other natural fragrance oils
  • Garden Guides - this is a list of essential oils that are purported to repel insects, this is useful if you are looking for an alternative to citronella

Tips for Making Citronella Candles

Here are some tips for making citronella candles:

  • Container candles - one of the most popular uses of citronella candles is as an insect repellent outside. Therefore container candles are a good option to make as the container protects the candle when it is burning. This can also be a great way to recycle unwanted containers such as cans or even plant pots (obviously look for plant pots without a hole in the base).
  • Left over wax - use miscellaneous items of left over wax from other candles or candle making projects to make these candles.
  • Color wax with crayons - citronella candles can be colored with wax crayons. This is a fun low-cost way to color candles and is particularly well suited to making outdoor candles as it does not matter if the colored crayons cause the burning candle to smoke a little more than normal.

Handmade citronella candles also make great gifts and these would make perfect hostess gifts for a barbecue or other outdoor party.

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Make Citronella Candles