Making Sugar Cone Candles

Sugar cone candles

Making sugar cone candles is a lot of fun. These candles and their holders give a great rustic look to a room.

What is a Sugar Cone?

Sugar cones were the way that sugar was purchased in colonial times. The cone looked like a pyramid with the top cut off. Tongs were used to hold the cone in a cup of tea, melting a small amount of the sugar into the warm beverage.

Sugar cones of the sort that might be used to make candles are actually designed to look like the sugar cone molds. These candle holders are usually made of wood and have holes for several candles that can be lit at once.

The candles themselves are shaped like the sugar cones, with the wider part at the top and tapering toward the bottom.

5 hole sugar mold candle holder
5 hole sugar mold candle holder

Making Sugar Cone Candles

The tricky part about making sugar cone candles is that it can be difficult to find a mold that's specifically made for this sort of candle. You can, however, find many different pyramid shaped candle molds.

If you have a candle holder and you're looking for a mold to make candles to fill it, simply measure the inside of the candle holder and find a mold to match. Some good sources for pyramid-shaped holders include:

Remember that if you are using a pyramid shape, the widest part will be the top of your sugar mold candle. That means you'll still have to make a full-sized candle in the pyramid mold and then cut off the bottom (which would be the top of the pyramid) so the candle will fit in your holder. You can always remelt that wax and use it for another purpose later, however.

Alternatives to Pyramid Molds

If you don't want to deal with finding a pyramid mold that will work for making sugar cone candles, you have some other options.

You can try making your own mold, but this can be a tricky and time-consuming process that not all candle crafters are comfortable with.

You could also just use votive candles or taper candles instead of candles that are actually shaped like the sugar mold, provided they fit securely in the holder.

Another alternative you might want to try is simply using the candle holder itself as a mold for the candle. Because these candle holders are made of wood, however, this might not be the best idea. The hot wax can scorch the wood and actually seep into the wood as well if it's not well sealed. But, this is an option for the adventurous type who isn't too worried about the appearance of his or her candle holder when the project is finished.

Caring for a Sugar Cone Holder

If, on the other hand, you want to keep your sugar cone candle holder looking nice, you'll want to take extra care with the types of candles you use. Napa Style recommends using bronze inserts to protect the wood from the burning candles.

Another option if you decide to go with votive candles instead of cone-shaped candles is to simply put the candles in plain glass votive cups and sit them into the mold. The candles will stick out from the sugar cone holder but they'll still give you a lovely look that's perfectly safe.

Sugar cone candle holders make a lovely centerpiece for the table or would give a rustic look to your fireplace in the summer months when no real fire is going to be burning there. Whether you opt for traditionally shaped sugar cone candles or go with a different sort of candle, these holders and the candles that go with them bring a warm, cozy feel to any room of the house.

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Making Sugar Cone Candles