Making a Prayer Candle

Making a Prayer Candle

Making a prayer candle is no different from making any other type of candle. In fact, any candle can become a prayer candle depending on the sentiment that the candle is made with and how you use the candle after it is made.

Common Prayer Candle Ideas

Many prayer candles that you can buy in stores are enclosed in tall, narrow glass canisters and are either a solid color or striped. You can make a prayer candle in this way just as you would any other container candle. It is a good idea to buy wick material that is made for being in a narrow container, however, to ensure that the candle burns cleanly.

You can also make a prayer candle that is a free-standing pillar candle, which can then be burned on a candle plate or another candle holder. These sorts of candles are often colored with a symbolic color of wax dye, such as the favorite color of the person you are praying for, or red, white and blue stripes for a soldier's prayer candle.

Other prayer candles are simply taper candles that are placed in a special place, such as in front of a picture of the person you are praying for or a picture or statue of Jesus or the Virgin Mary.

No matter which kind of prayer candle you want, making a prayer candle is no more difficult than making any other type of candle.

Tips for Making a Prayer Candle

Before you can start making a prayer candle, you need to decide which style of candle you want. If you're choosing a candle that will burn inside of a glass container, you'll need a container to house your candle. For a pillar candle, you will need the proper mold. For a taper candle, you'll need a coffee can to dip the candle into.

In addition, you will need the right sort of wick for your project. The type of wick you choose will depend on the diameter of the finished candle. For most of these projects you'll want either the S-type wick (for smaller candles) or the X-type (for larger candles), also known as 44-20-18 and 52-31-18 wicks, respectively.

You'll also need the wax and coloring product of your choice, as well as any scent oil you desire. (Remember to use oils marked safe for candles).

Finally, you'll need something to melt your wax in, a stove or electric burner, and something to stir the wax with as it melts. If you're using a mold with a hole at the bottom, you'll need some putty to seal the hole; if not, you'll need a wick tab to help hold the wick at the bottom of the mold.

Approximate how much wax you will need, or consult the company you bought your mold from to determine how much wax you will need to fill it. Place it in your pot along with your color chunks and allow to melt. Add a couple of drops of fragrance oil, if desired, and stir in.

Prepare your mold or glass container by positioning the wick in the center of the mold or container. Use a chopstick or wooden skewer across the top of the mold to help hold the wick in the center of the mold. Pour your melted wax into the mold, leaving back just a little bit to repour after the first round has hardened. You might want to do this on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil in case your mold leaks.

Once the candle has hardened and you've repoured the remaining wax, allow it to cool before taking it out of the mold or burning it.

An Attitude of Prayer

As you are making a prayer candle, spend some time thinking about the person you're planning to pray for while using the candle, or the person you are going to give the candle to. Make the candle with only good, healing thoughts in your mind, and you'll pass those thoughts on to the person who is being prayed for.

This attitude is really what makes it possible for any candle to be considered a prayer candle. Perhaps its just as accurate to say that every candle made with love is a prayer candle!

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Making a Prayer Candle