Moroccan Candle Lanterns

Black ornamental Moroccan, Arabic lantern

When you want to decorate with something out of the ordinary, consider Moroccan candle lanterns. These beauties add Middle Eastern charm to any room.

Where to Purchase Moroccan Candle Lanterns

Check local specialty stores for Moroccan candle lanterns, or go online to find an assortment of candles to buy. The candles are not expensive, so even if you are on a budget, you will be able to find something to your liking.

Defining Moroccan Candle Lanterns

Moroccan candle lanterns are special today because of the ambiance they create. Lovely to look at due to their intricate bronze metalwork and attention to detail, the lanterns are pretty even when not lit. They can be carried outside to the patio, poolside, hot tub, or deck. Under a darkened sky, when candles are placed inside, the lanterns shine brightly. Watch the light shine through the designs of a lantern and feel as though you have stepped back in time.

Your garden can even benefit from the unique lanterns as these can be placed on flat stones or in flower beds to illuminate the surroundings. Put a small lantern by a flower pot for a nice affect. The lanterns have the following characteristics:

  • Made of metal, often brass or bronze
  • Ornate
  • Feature cutout designs so that the light can shine through
  • Have hinged doors that swing open and closed
  • Have glass panels
  • Can be hung on the wall or placed on a surface
  • Have space inside to place a large candle
  • Usually between one-foot and three-feet tall
Ornamental Arabic lanterns with burning candles on table

Glass Used

One of the features that make the Moroccan candle lanterns exotic is the glass. Glass used in the lanterns can be opaque or clear. Colors used include red, blue, green, turquoise, purple, white, and amber. Amber glass casts a wonderful glow to a room, creating warm shadows and is a popular choice when selecting a Moroccan lantern.

Hanging a Lantern

Wall brackets can be used if you want to mount your lantern on the wall inside a room. These may come with the lantern, or you may have to go to your local garden or home store to buy them. Lanterns can also be displayed by hanging them from a wrought-iron shepherd's crook. Floor lanterns can be placed in a living room near a piece of furniture.

Moroccan lantern hanging from a decorated ceiling

Giving a Candle

Candles make great gifts anytime of the year. Choose a Moroccan piece for a Christmas present for someone who enjoys the beauty of unique candle holders. The recipient will surely be amazed and pleased. Add a few votive candles or tea lights to the gift, and your friend will be able to brighten any area. Lanterns can be used at dining room tables to add a nice touch to a festive meal. Place a couple of smaller lanterns in the bedroom or bathroom. The atmosphere will be delightful, changing an ordinary room into something extraordinary. When you light your living space with these decorative pieces, you will see that it is no wonder that eastern lanterns are sought after in the western world.

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Moroccan Candle Lanterns