Multi-Wick Candles

Thin multi-wick style.

Multi-wick candles are a hot trend for aromatherapy, interior decorating, and candle making. These large candles with their elegant wicks are perfect for a stand-alone decoration or as part of a more elaborate centerpiece. However, there are some tricks candle crafters need to know when perfecting their techniques for making these beautiful candles.

Types of Multi-Wick Candles

Most multiple wick candles are molded as either pillars or jar candles. Because the multiple wicks need more space in the wax to burn properly, the candles are usually larger and heavier than single-wick varieties. However, some unique designs can use less wax by creating a candle with a large surface area but less depth than normal.

Using more than one wick is only one way to make a candle unique. Other style options for multi-wick pillars and jars include:

  • Choosing one or more scents to embed in the candle
  • Using different colors of wax for a layered effect
  • Using chunks, dried flowers, glitter, sequins or other embellishments to decorate the candle
  • Opting for unusual log or curve shapes rather than standard molds

The most common number of wicks in a multi-wick design is three, but don't be afraid to experiment. Five- and seven-wick candles are also popular. Creative crafters can even use symmetrical shapes such as stars or pentagons to create multi-wick molds that enhance both the candle and the overall shape.

Tips for Making Candles

Before attempting a multi-wick design, it is important that crafters master the process of making a standard single-wick pillar or jar candle. Once you are familiar with those techniques, you can progress to using more than one wick.

The following tips are designed to make the process smoother:

  • Multi-wick candles need a larger crown. The pools of melted wax resulting from burning the wick should not be able to intersect, or the structure of the candle could collapse. Choose molds and shapes with a large crown surface area for multiple wicks.
  • Each wick must be evenly spaced from other wicks and from the sides of the candle to promote even burning.
  • When placing wicks, secure them tightly to prevent curving or twisting that would distort the candle as it burns. All wicks should be parallel.
  • Because most multiple-wick candles are large, they require a longer period of time to cool and set before they can be unmolded or used.
  • If placing multiple wicks in a jar candle, do not place the wicks too close to the glass. Wicks burned close to the glass can cause it to break.
  • Consider using pre-measured multi-wick molds or multi-wick plunger tools to position wicks.
  • Pour wax carefully and evenly to keep from accidentally dislodging wicks. If possible, pour wax from more than one side of the mold to keep any displacement evenly distributed.
  • All wicks should be even on the candle's crown. Do not use a pyramid mold with wicks spaced down the side or other asymmetrical shapes.

It is best to start with simple ideas when crafting candles with multiple wicks. Once you have perfected the technique, you can consider more elaborate projects.

Project Ideas

The distinction and beauty of multi-wick candles can easily be transferred into a variety of stunning projects, such as:

  • Centerpieces in a variety of shapes, with or without additional embellishments
  • Emergency candles with multiple wicks to give off more light than single candles
  • Using multiple wicks to highlight unusual candle shapes, such as stars or other geometric figures
  • Unique menorahs, advent wreaths, or other seasonal candles

Candle Warnings

As with any candle, multi-wick candles need to be properly cared for to burn safely and properly. Always use a heat-resistant surface to burn a candle. Never burn a multi-wick pillar or jar for longer than three hours at a time, since the wax pools may begin to merge and cause a fire hazard. All wicks should be burned an equal amount of time, typically simultaneously, to prevent unbalancing the candle.Multi-wick candles add beauty and elegance to any home, and learning to make them can be a rewarding and challenging experience.

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Multi-Wick Candles