Games to Play at a PartyLite Candle Party

PartyLite consultants know the importance of party games.

Having a list of PartyLite candle games is essential for hosting the best party possible.

Hosting a PartyLite Party

PartyLite is an international company that sells candles through independent consultants. Consultants either host, or have others host, parties in order to share with their guests the products available for purchase. A consultant receives a percentage of the sales from a given party and the host is also able to earn some prizes and products, depending on the amount of money spent by guests. PartyLite gatherings are usually held in private homes where there are anywhere from four to 20 guests. The party can be hosted on any given afternoon or evening where a showcase of new and old candles and home decor products are presented. To add to the festivities, refreshments are served, and games are played.

The Value of Games at a Party

What would a party be without games? Games are great for breaking the ice at any party, creating a non-threatening and fun mood. Games ease tension for those who might be a little self-conscious about not knowing anyone else at a party. The can add to the guests' enjoyment.

At a PartyLite party, it is all about guests willing and wanting to have a good time. Consultants want their guests to feel comfortable so that the guests will desire to stay and linger over the array of products.

A List of PartyLite Candle Games

a burning purple candle with cookies
Serve tasty food when introducing games to play.

Consultants always want to come up with fun game and activities to enhance the enthusiasm at their parties. Hunting and searching for games can be time consuming. Keeping a list of PartyLite candle games handy helps the busy consultant. Jotting down the name of the game and a few lines about it in a notebook is a great idea. This way, when preparing for a party, the games are at the consultant's fingertips. The following are fun ice-breakers to be played at PartyLite parties. Be sure to offer a small prize for the winner!

  • Two Truths and a Lie: Many have played this game and its familiarity will relax the guests and provide some laughs. Basically, each guest must come up with three things to tell everyone about herself. Two of these will be truths and one will be a lie. The other guests must guess which are true and which is the lie. The person able to make her truthful events of her life seem unbelievable, usually wins. For example, a person could say, "I have been jogging in Paris, lost my wallet in Boston, and belly danced in Las Vegas." The rest of the guests will have to decide which of these is true and which is the lie.
  • My First Grade Teacher: Everyone has a fond memory of first grade. Have each guest share something about first grade, including their teacher's name.
  • What's in Your Purse?: Have a list of items you want guests to find in their purses. A list might include: a piece of string, a checkbook, a rubber band, a penny, a credit card, a postage stamp, and a tissue. For each item on your list that a guest can produce from her purse, give a point. The guest with the most points wins.
  • Guess the Scent: Have a row of different colored and scented votive or tea light candles on the coffee table. Give each candle a number. Each guest must sniff the candles and write down on a slip of paper what she thinks the fragrance of each candle is. The person with the most correct guesses is awarded a prize.


Prizes can be a PartyLite product from the consultant's inventory. Prizes can also be inexpensive items from a discount store, a small box of candy, or a coupon for a PartyLite product to be used during the scheduled party.

Have Fun

As a consultant, host, or guest, you want to have a good time. Party games will help to make the event one to remember.

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Games to Play at a PartyLite Candle Party