Pet Memory Candles

Light a candle in remembrance of a valued pet.

A pet memory candle is a wonderful memorial to a cherished friend that has passed.

Monday Night Candle Ceremony

On Monday nights across the world, candles are lit in memory of cherished pets that have been loved and lost. According to The History of the Candle Ceremony, this practice began with a simple mention on a dog bulletin board by someone who was lighting candles on Monday night in honor of pets who have passed away. Fellow grievers wanted to light candles at the same time, so a time was set, a prayer was written and it quickly became an international practice for remembering furry friends.

Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge is an online virtual community made up of people who have lost pets. It is also referred to on pet grief Web sites and forums as the place where animals go to be restored to their former selves while waiting for their masters to cross the bridge with them to the other side. Poems, prayers and memory verses on candles may refer to the bridge or Rainbow Bridge in their lines.

About Pet Memory Candles

A pet personalized memory candle is a good gift for someone who is grieving the loss of their trusted friend. Giving a candle is a thoughtful way to let someone know you care for them during their time of loss. Pet lovers think of their animals as family and will appreciate your kindness.

Of course, you can also order a candle for yourself to help you create a simple memorial for your adored companion.

Dogs and Cats

Furry friends like dogs and cats are always beloved by young and old alike. Cherish your dog or cat's memory with a special candle in their honor:

All Pets

While dogs and cats are popular pets, plenty of other animals have been loved and lost. From rabbits to chinchillas to turtles to birds, get a memorialized candle for your friend:

Light a Virtual Candle

Even if you do not have the funds to purchase a memorial candle, you can always light one online. Perhaps it is too hard for you to look at a physical reminder of your pet, but you want to do something in remembrance. Lighting a virtual candle can help the healing process and offer comfort during a time of grief. These Web sites offer virtual candles to pet owners and friends who have lost a treasured companion:

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Pet Memory Candles