Rock Candle Holders

Candle holders from rock and stone

Rock candle holders can turn even the most mundane candles into wonderful pieces of home décor.

What are Rock Candle Holders?

A candle holder made from rock can be as simple as a chunk of slate or pebble with a hole drilled in it to a highly valuable gemstone crystal that has been hand carved with intricate detail. The combination between the natural stone and the candlelight creates a totally unique and special effect.

Rock candle holders are suitable for tea lights or other small candles, such as votive candles. However, very large candle holders are also great for big pillar or column candles. Small pebble candle holders look fantastic when grouped together and filled with tea lights, whereas a large piece of slate or other dark stone can look dramatic with a single white candle.

Choosing a Candle Holder Made From Stone

Deciding the type of stone candle holder will largely be down to taste. However, with such a wide choice of rocks available there are some key pointers that can help to narrow the choice.


Some of the hand carved gemstone candle holders can be very expensive. While they look absolutely gorgeous and complement many different environments, the cost can make them prohibitive. At the other end of the scale, cheap candle holders made from basic rock can be very economical.


Rocks can be found in a myriad of colors, from the clear crystal white of quartz to the deep gray-green hues of slate. Some rocks can be dyed and this, combined with the wide spectrum of colors that rocks are naturally found in, gives an almost inexhaustible range of colors to choose from.


Rock and stone candle holders are available in a variety of sizes. Very large slab candle holders work as trays, catching the drips of wax as they fall. Other candle holders, such as those carved from quartz or salt stone, are cut deep into the rock so that the candle is sheltered and the light shines through the stone.

Mystic Qualities

When choosing a rock or stone candle holder, the mystic qualities of stones should not be over looked. From the days of ancient civilizations through modern times, people have believed that different stones have special qualities. Rock or stone candle holders can be a great way to introduce these qualities into a home. Light pink rose quartz, for instance, is said to be the rock of romance, love, and emotional wellbeing. Amethyst has the quality of relaxation and is said to bring calm into a house. Interestingly, amethyst was also believed by the ancient Romans to guard against intoxication - perhaps making this a great candle holder for parties!

Buying Rock Candle Holders

Rock and stone candle holders can be found in many places. In addition to finding these lovely candle holders in candle stores, they can also be found in stores that specialize in stones and crystals. Stores that specialize in mystical items also offer a range of rock and crystal candle holders; these can be a great place to find things that are a little different.

Craft markets are also a good place to look for unusual candle holders. Often artisan stone carvers include candle holders amongst their products. Artisans may also be happy to take commissions or design an item specifically for a customer.


Online retailers who sell rock candle holders include:

When buying online, it is useful to remember the fact that these are heavy items. The postage and delivery costs may add significantly to the purchase price. Most online retailers will give a cost within the product details to allow true price comparisons to be made.

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Rock Candle Holders