Rustic Candle Making Containers

Make rustic looking candles

If you are looking to make candles with a difference, rustic candle making containers could be just the solution!

What Are Rustic Candles?

Rustic candles are hot right now! If you take a look through interior design or home decoration magazines, rustic candles will be featured in most rooms.

A rustic candle is a candle that has the feel of being handmade. A rustic candle certainly won't look as though it has been mass produced - even if it has! Rustic and antique looking containers turn the humble candle into a beautiful piece of home décor.

Many rustic candles are container candles. This means the hot wax is poured into a rustic style container. The candle can then be used in a variety of situations. Container candles have the benefit of not dripping, as the flame is protected. They are also good for outdoor use.

Finding Rustic Candle Making Containers

Whether you make candles for a living or are a devoted hobbyist, finding great rustic looking containers for candle making can be quite a challenge. Luckily, there are many different types of candle container that give a great rustic feel.

Antique Glass Containers

Antique glassware is great for making rustic looking candles. Unusual shaped vessels can be used to create unique rustic candles. This is also a great way to recycle old glass items. It is important to check that the containers are free from damage. Old pickle and preserving jars are particularly well suited to making rustic style candles.

Special Candle Containers

Many candle making supply stores sell a range of specially designed candle containers. These are ideal for making rustic style candles. The simple addition of some natural materials such as leaves or dried fruit instantly gives the candle a rustic or country feel.

Buying Containers for Rustic Candles

There are many different styles of candle containers available. These can be purchased from online stores who often combine competitive prices with a wide selection. When buying candle containers online, it is important to factor in the cost of delivery as this can add to the final price of the products. It is also important to get accurate sizes of the containers so that the amount of wax required for each candle can be accurately estimated. Many container candle making instructions give more information about how to estimate the amount of wax required.

Online stores that sell candle containers include:

  • SKS Bottle - This store sells a range of candle containers. They supply in bulk which makes them ideal for candle makers looking to buy containers in wholesale quantities. The jars in particular have a great rustic feel.
  • Cierra Candles - This site has a wide choice of candle containers, including several that are ideal for rustic candles. This site also offers information about making container candles.
  • Wellington Fragrance - This is a supplier of bulk quantities of candle containers. All the containers on this site meet the ASTM regulations as specified by the National Candle Association.

Tips for Making Rustic Style Candles

There are many ways of giving a rustic feel to handmade candles. For example:

  • Use natural scents such as orange, lavender or thyme.
  • Neutral colors, such as deep creams, pale browns or other neutral shades are great for rustic candles.
  • Unusual shaped containers, such as sugar jars, make great rustic candle making containers. Keep a look out at garage sales and thrift stores for unusual containers that are suitable for candle making.
  • Package the candles in a way that reflects the rustic nature of the candle, for instance using brown craft paper as gift wrap.
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Rustic Candle Making Containers