Sculpted Pillar Candles

Give a romantic heart shaped pillar to your sweetheart.

A sculpted pillar candle can make a beautiful gift or home decoration.

Sculpted Candle Designs

A sculpted pillar candle usually comes in two different styles. One is the typical round or square candle featuring carved decorations. The second is a candle that is made to resemble the actual object it depicts. Instead of having a Santa face carved into the side, for example, the entire candle is sculpted in the shape of Santa.

Both styles of candles come in just about every design possible, from fruit to casino dice. Popular figures for the sculpted candle include animals, floral and holiday designs. The larger size of the pillar candle makes it the perfect choice for sculpting, as smaller votives and skinny tapers can make it difficult to see carved details.

Instead of a traditional candle holder, choose a pillar candle holder that is a simple heatproof plate that can accommodate any sculpted shape.

Animal Designs

Exotic and safari themes are trendy interior designs for homes. Choose a sculpted candle that features an animal that fits into your home's decorations.

Honor your beloved furry friend with a pet memory candle in his/her shape.

Garden and Floral Designs

Flowers and candles are both popular ways to brighten a home's interior design. Combine the two for a beautiful effect that will leave guests in awe. Bring nature inside your home with garden designs perfect for spring and summer decorating.

Holiday Designs

Choose a sculpted pillar candle to give as a holiday candle gift in your office exchange or to a friendly neighbor at Christmas. Other holidays can also be celebrated with a pillar candle that is shaped for the occasion. For example, a large heart shaped pillar is perfect for Valentine's Day. Easter candles might include religious pillars with crosses sculpted into them, while Halloween candles might include bat and spider web designs.

Miscellaneous Designs

Sculpted pillar candles come in almost any design or shape you can imagine. Find one that fits your needs by searching your favorite online candle shop. You can also commission someone with a candle making business to create a custom candle.

Pillars can also be shaped or sculpted like letters, words and numbers to celebrate milestones like retirements or birthdays.

Wedding Sculpted Pillar Candles

Choose a unity candle for your wedding day that is sculpted. Scrolls, twists, beads, religious verses, messages, crosses, flowers and more can all be found carved into large pillars. Candles 4 Less and a number of wedding retailers offer various designs for pillar unity candles. Remember to pick up two tapered candles and a stand for the ceremony.

Wedding pillars can also be used as centerpieces. Place a pillar, like sculpted wedding pillar, onto a small round or square mirror in the center of a table. Add a few silk rose petals and your centerpieces are complete.

Smaller shaped pillars, like wedding cakes, can be stacked in the center of the table and given out as wedding favors.

Fragrant Sculpted Candles

Scented candles do not have to be sacrificed for design. A number of pillars come in fragrances that will perfume your home while adding to the decorating scheme.

If you order your candles from someone with a home based candle making business, you may be able to choose your own scent to go with a particular design shape.

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Sculpted Pillar Candles