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Bargain candles

Finding affordable candles is easy if you know how to search for candle bargains.

Why Buy Bargain Candles?

Candles are beautiful home accessories, adding atmosphere and class to a room. Candles come in a range of colors, shapes and sizes ranging from purely functional candles which are hidden within candle holders, to candle centerpieces or highly ornamental or decorative candles that are miniature works of art in their own right. In addition to looking fantastic lit or unlit, some candles are created with carefully blended fragrances.

A room full of candles is a delight to behold. However, the cost of candles can add up and it does seem a shame to spend a lot of money on something that just gets burnt - some people feel that it is literally a case of burning dollars! Careful shopping can uncover bargain candles that allow you to decorate your rooms with beautiful candles without breaking the bank.

What are the Best Candle Bargains?

Understanding a little about why candles are reduced in price can help in your search for bargain candles. Reasons why candles are knocked down in price include:

  • Damaged Packaging: It is surprising to find that many candles are reduced significantly in price because the packing is damaged. Packaging can be damaged because a box had been dented or paper torn. Another reason why the packaging of a candle is damaged is because wax has rubbed onto the packaging meaning that it is not in pristine condition. These candles make an excellent buy as there is nothing wrong with the candle itself. Let's face it, the packaging just gets thrown away anyway!
  • End of Lines: Sometimes candles get sold off because they are the end of a line. Perhaps a style of candle has been superseded with a new one. Retailers often want to sell the old line as quickly as possible to allow plenty of room for the new stock. There is nothing wrong with these candles and they can be great bargains if you don't mind something that is not quite bang up to date.
  • Seasonal: Buying seasonal candles is a fantastic way to find bargains. Many festivals and holidays throughout the year have decorative candles. Christmas decorations, for instance, often include red and green candles, along with candle features for the dining table and perhaps some additional candles for the windows. These can be found reduced after the holiday and make great bargain candles. If you have the room, why not stock up and use them for the next year's holiday?
  • Second Quality: Candles are easily damaged. Sometime candles that are not packaged get dirty or covered in finger prints, or perhaps a candle has been knocked and is dented. These candles are almost always knocked down in price and represent a good buy.

How to Search For Candle Bargains

The quest for candle bargains is helped tremendously by the Internet. Some websites offer year round savings on candles and are a great place to shop. Buying candles over the Internet is useful as it allows you to shop from the comfort of your armchair and not have to worry about lugging the candles home.

When searching for bargain candles on the Internet here are some tips to help you find the perfect candles:

Web Search

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN are all excellent starting points. Try a few search phrases such as 'bargain candles', 'candle closeout' or 'candle overstock' and see what is returned.

Large Candle Retailers

Large Internet candle retailers often sell bargain candles.

  • Yankee Candle has regular sales and visitors can sign up for a newsletter that advises them of new bargains. Yankee candle outlet stores have a good range of low cost candles.
  • 100 Candles has a 'sale' section with details of bargain candles.
  • Candles4Less offers a wholesale and clearance section.
  • has a clearance section with a regularly changing stock of bargain candles.

Make Your Own

Making your own candles can be a low cost way to own wonderful candles, and isn't as difficult as you might think. There are many candle making free recipes on the Internet and only a few basic candle making materials are required.


Another good way to search for candle bargains is to take a look at wholesale sites as many offer a good range of candles at a low price. The main drawback to buying wholesale is that you may end up with several of a single shape and style. However, this could be a great way to buy several months supply in a single go.

Bargain candles are a great way to bring the glamor and romance of candlelight into your home while not hurting the purse!

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