Vanilla Candle Gift Sets

Gift Sets for All Occasions

Vanilla candle gift sets are available in a wide variety of styles. The heady scent of vanilla makes a wonderful fragrance for candles and makes a very thoughtful gift. These versatile gift sets are suitable for all occasions.

Gift sets are readily available from stores, however they are also simple to put together. This is a great way to make customized and personalized gifts.

Vanilla candles are often included in toiletry gift sets. Vanilla complements many other natural fragrances and this gives a wide selection to choose from.

Natural Gift Baskets

Natural fragrances such as cinnamon and aniseed are the perfect accompaniment to vanilla candles. This combination of natural seeds and barks, essential oils and candles would make a lovely gift set for someone who enjoys natural things.

Pamper Packs

The combination of products to pamper someone with and vanilla candles makes a lovely gift. This gift basket contains a candle in an attractive candle holder. Small bottles of bubble bath and bath oil complement the natural potpourri that can enhance the vanilla fragrance of a candle. A piece of handmade soap and luxury face towel complete this gift basket.

Handmade Candle and Holder

A handmade vanilla candle and a beautiful hand carved candle holder can make a very elegant gift basket. This is a gift that is bound to be appreciated by someone who enjoys handmade and hand crafted items.

Luxury Candles

Luxury vanilla candles, such as this French vanilla beeswax candle, make a lovely addition to a gift basket. Large column candles make a striking decoration for a room as well as being functional. Beeswax is a very natural form of candle and a vanilla fragrance combines with the natural honey scent to create a unique perfume.

Organic Gift Basket

A selection of organic products combine with unusual vanilla candles to make a gift set with a natural theme. Add a few pieces of dried fruit to make a highly unusual gift set that is bound to be much appreciated.

Bathroom Luxury

Vanilla candles and bathroom accessories make up this pretty gift basket. The wooden brushes and hand massager gift a feel of quality to this basket. The deep piled spa towel finishes the gift set in luxurious style.

Make a Customized Gift Set

If you would like to make a vanilla candle gift set then this is simple to do at home. A simple wicker basket, such as the one shown in the photo, makes the perfect container for a vanilla candle or two. Add to this some accessories that are personalized to the recipient and you have created a lovely gift that is bound to be long appreciated.

The following articles will help you pick the perfect candles for a gift set:

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Vanilla Candle Gift Sets