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The exquisite looking and beautifully scented candles manufactured and distributed by the Swan Creek Candle Company are made of natural American soybean wax.

About the Swan Creek Candle Company

Located in Swanton, Ohio, Swan Creek Candles occupies a 30,000 square foot factory. For more than three decades members of the company's founding family have owned and operated the business supplying fragrant candles, oils, candle holders and accessories to both retail and wholesale customers throughout the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Made of American soybean wax, the candles made by Swan Creek are tested in independent labs to ensure their safety and purity. The company only uses wicks that are made of 100% cotton and all other candle components are also American made.

The Benefits of Soybean Wax Candles

American soybean wax candles are environmentally friendly and are made from a resource that is sustainable and renewable. Additional benefits of soybean wax candles include:

  • All natural
  • Pure burning
  • Burns clean without any soot
  • Longer burning times than paraffin wax
  • Lead free
  • Free of animal products
  • Highly fragrant

Swan Creek Container Candle Products

Swan Creek Candles offers a number of different styles and sizes of candles, candle holders and accessories. However, their line of beautiful container candles are among the company's most popular products.

Container Candles

The beautiful collection of container candles provides consumers with a variety of decorative styles and sizes. These lovely types of candles include:

  • Gourmet enamelware containers available in red, blue, green and brown offer a limited selection of scents in three types of containers: a 4-ounce mini mug with a 25-hour burn time, an 8-ounce medium mug and a 15-ounce lidded cannister each with a burning time of 45 hours
  • Harvest vintage jars filled with 12 ounces of wax having a burn time of 75 - 100 hours
  • The Lattice & Petal Pottery Collection consists of round and square lattice bowls in 9 and 14 ounce sizes, with burning times of 45 and 50 hours, and 7 and 8 ounce petal pots, with burning times of 35 hours.
  • The Homespun Collection includes heavy ribbed clear glass-covered jars in a 6-ounce size with a burning time of 35-45 hours or a 12-ounce size with a burning time of 75-100 hours
  • Simple yet beautiful clear, covered jars make up the Kitchen Pantry Collection and are available in four sizes: 2.75 ounces with a burning time of 25 hours, 6 ounces with a burning time of 35 hours, 12 ounces with a burning time of 75 hours and 24 ounces with a burning time of 110 hours
  • Special occasion 12 ounce jars with a burn time of 75 hours include a sentiment, such as happy birthday, thank you or congratulations, along with a coordinating picture on the jar label.
  • Decadent Drizzles are made of a blend of soybean wax and beeswax and include cream cakes with a burn time of 45 hours, drizzle jars with a 40-hour burn time and triple scented drizzle melts.
  • The Terra Vasa Collection includes heavy terra cotta containers with edges that are hand torn before being kiln dried. Available in round and square shapes, these beautiful containers come in two sizes, small with a burn time of 25 hours and medium with a burn time of 35 hours
  • Tuscan Terra Vasa containers are heavy round or oval terra cotta with round metal handles and are available in small and large sizes with burn times of 35 and 50 hours
  • The Cast Iron Collection includes a loaf pan, a lidded skillet, a round skillet and a square skillet are each filled with a delightfully scented candle that releases the aromas of freshly baked goodies including gingerbread, cinnamon buns and vanilla pound cake for 18 hours.
  • The Vintage Pottery Collection includes a flower pot with saucer, a round vintage pot, a square vintage pot and a large round vintage bowl with burn times of 45 - 50 hours.
  • The Clean and Contemporary Jar Collection is sleek and sophisticated with decorative clear jars featuring glass lids and a choice of colored labels.

Additional Candle Types and Products

  • Votives
  • Wax melts
  • Tealights
  • Tarts
  • Pillars
  • Reed diffusers and oils
  • Hurricane candle holders
  • Wick trimmers
  • Wick dippers
  • Rose hips and cinnamon chunks
  • Scented putka pods
  • Electric wax melters
  • Melter cups
  • Vintage pottery wax melter
  • Cast iron skillet wax melter
  • Gift baskets
  • Refill kits


Swan Creek Candles offers more than six dozen candle fragrances for the fall and holiday season. The scents are divided into the following fragrance sections:

  • Harvest
  • Holiday
  • Gourmet
  • Fruit
  • Floral
  • Aromatherapy and herbal
  • Clean

Where to Find Swan Creek Candle Company Products

Swan Creek Candles are sold in many candle shops, gift stores and department stores throughout the country. The company also maintains separate retail and wholesale websites for their online customers and three retail outlet stores.

Outlet Stores

The locations of the outlet stores are:

  • Dundee, Michigan
  • Vermilion, Ohio
  • Leesburg, Florida

Swan Creek Websites

The minimum order for online retail customers is $25 dollars and the company offers free shipping with an order of $50 or more. Wholesale orders from the Swan Creek Candle Company require a minimum order of $300 and minimum reorders of $200.

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