Teardrop Glass Candle Holders

A teardrop candle holder accentuates the beauty of candlelight.
A teardrop candle holder accentuates the beauty of candlelight.

Teardrop glass candle holders are a pretty household accessory as well as being a practical way to display candles.

Candle holders protect the candle when it is lit. They stop the candle from getting knocked over and they also stop the flame burning unevenly which can cause a candle to smoke. A candle holder need not be simply a means to contain or display a candle, a candle holder can be an attractive room accessory in its own right. The elegant style of a teardrop glass candle holder complements both contemporary and traditional room styles. A single teardrop candle holder can look very elegant in a contemporary surrounding, whereas a number of candle holders can be grouped together for a stunning effect. The classic teardrop shape works well with candles of all styles including tea lights as well as large column candles.

Choosing Teardrop Glass Candle Holders

Before choosing a teardrop glass candle holder there are a few things to consider. These include:

  • Style -- the style of candle holder will depend on both the type of candle that it is to contain and the room where it is to be featured. Ornate candle holders can look fantastic in many different situations, whereas plain and elegant styles are a timeless and attractive addition to any room. Picking the right style of candle holder for the room will ensure that the candle holder is used and enjoyed for many years to come.
  • Type of candle -- there are many different types and size of candle available ranging from tiny tea lights and votive candles through to large pillar candles. The type and size of candle will determine the best style of candle holder to choose. Very large candles should be placed into an appropriately sized candle holder, if the candle holder is too small a candle will not burn effectively and the candle holder could become damaged.
  • Type of candle holder -- candle holders come in many forms. This includes large chandelier style candle holders which can hold many teardrop shaped glass candle holders as well as small tabletop candle holders that hold just a single candle.
  • Materials -- glass candle holders are often combined with other materials such as wood, metal or stone. This means that there is a wide variety of types to choose from. A teardrop shaped glass candle can be chosen to match and complement other decorations and room accessories.
  • Color -- glass candle holders were traditionally created from clear glass. Today there is an extensive choice of colored glass meaning that a glass candle holder can be found in totally every color Many people still opt for plain glass as its allows the color of a candle to be seen. With the wide choice of candle color available a plain glass candle holder is often a versatile choice. Colored glass candle holders, however, looks stunning when teamed with a plain white candle as the candlelight shines through the colored glass.

Looking After a Teardrop Shaped Candle Holder

There are a few basic steps that need to be taken to ensure that the candle holder gives many years of good service:

  • Cleaning - all candle holders benefit from a regular clean. This removes any dust or grime that may build up on the surface. A dirty candle holder will not allow candlelight to shine through the glass and may also be a fire hazard.
  • Inspecting for wear and tear -- a teardrop shape narrows at the top and it's important to regularly check that this has not become damaged. The thin neck of the glass candle holder can be delicate and any chips or cracks may result in the glass shattering.
  • Storage - if a candle holder is to be stored when it is not in use then the glass part should be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper. This will help to protect the glass from damage.

A teardrop candle holder is a lovely addition to any room and will bring many years of pleasure.

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Teardrop Glass Candle Holders