Top Year Round Scents for Candles

Candle scents perfume your home with wonderful flavors.
Candle scents can invoke the comfort of grandma's kitchen.

Candle scents perfume your home with the most wonderful flavors, conjuring memories of holidays, springtime, love, childhood and more.

Discover the Top Year Round Scents for Candles

Whether you are a fan of food, floral, woodsy or home scents, the list of top year round scents for candles has something for you.

Clean Cotton

The scent of clean cotton is a fresh, floral aroma that brings to mind clothes hanging on a line in the fresh spring breeze. The imagery is an important part of this year round scent because it offers the comfort of memory no matter where you live or the time of year.

Similar scents: fresh linen, fresh cotton, white flowers

Garden Fresh

Rose scents are romance in a candle. The sweet fragrance is considered an aphrodisiac by some. The rose is a symbol of love and romance, popular throughout history. Aromatherapy embraces the mood enhancing qualities of the rose candle. Roses bring to mind verdant gardens, lush with life and delightful to visit.

Similar scents: rose petals, magnolia, orchid

Comfort of Old Friends

Vanilla candles focus on the softer side of childhood memories--grandma's kitchen, cookies and milk, pies baking in the oven and cupcakes cooling on the counter. Vanilla's popularity has grown enormously, because the softness of the scent does not overpower the taste buds. Plain vanilla is untainted, unchanged and pure. The homey scent is relaxing, innocent and comforting all at the same time.

Similar scents: hazelnut, coffee, orchids

A Walk By the Sea

Salt, sand and sunshine blend together in ocean scents that range from the smell of the water to the breeze flowing above it. The scent of sea spray is calming, bringing to mind the ebb and flow of the ocean tides. Water is a universal cleanser, helping you contemplate positive outcomes while washing away tension and negative emotions.

Similar scents: spring rain, mountain breeze

Wooded Forests

Forest scents are woodsy and musky, carrying the scent of moss, sunshine and leaves. Imagine walking through the forest. In spring, it will smell of rain, woods and fresh leaves. In summer, the woody scent will be stronger. It's the falling leaves, cooler air and crisp hints of pine that attract you in the autumn. The winter woods still have that hint of cedar and pine mixed with the colder, cooler scents of snow.

Similar scents: Eucalyptus, sandalwood, birch, cedar, pine, maple leaves

Home Sweet Home

Cinnamon apple, like vanilla, is a warm reminder of home and simpler times. Who doesn't relax when they scent grandma's cinnamon apple pie? This food based scent is too heavy in summer, but adds to the warmth and coziness of home in the cooler days of autumn and icy days of winter. These scents conjure the warm winter comfort found around Grandma's table whether you are there for the holidays or a visit. Snow on the outside, warm welcome on the inside.

Similar scents: pumpkin pie, nutmeg, molasses, sugar cookie, brown sugar

Fruit Bowl

Fruit scented candles - particularly citrus scents - refresh a room, eliminating stale odors (such as smoke, closed up odors), pet odors and even heavy food scents. Lemon scents, particularly lemon verbena, give you a clean, refreshing scent. Some foods, particularly those featuring heavy onion or garlic, can be overpowering in the air. Fruit scented candles can reduce and eliminate the scent - letting you enjoy the food and the cleaner, fresher scent.

Similar scents: Orange, apples, tangerines, peach

Candle scents affect your moods, allowing you relief from stress. Candles are a positive tool in aromatherapy, helping you set the mood for a party or an event as well as for yourself. The important key to choosing scent is to choose the one that appeals to you.

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Top Year Round Scents for Candles