Votive Candle Lamps

Attractive candle lamps

One of the prettiest ways to experience candlelight is with votive candle lamps. These attractive candle holders take the humble votive candle and turn it into something that is very special.

About Votive Candles

Votive candles are one of the most traditional forms of candle. These small candles are just a few inches tall, making them highly versatile. When used singly, the candles give a subtle flicker of candlelight. However, when grouped together and housed in beautiful votive candle lamp, they form an attractive candle centerpiece.

Votive candles can be purchased in many colors and fragrances. The different range of colors and fragrances makes these a popular choice of candle for many environments. When combined with a beautiful yet practical candle holder, such as a candle lamp, it is easy to see why votives remain one of the most universally popular forms of candle.

What Are Votive Candle Lamps?

There are many different types of candle holders. The lamp candle holder was designed many centuries ago as a means of providing a lighting source that was protected from the wind and other elements. This allowed the candle to burn brightly without the risk of it blowing out. Today, this is less of an issue and many people choose votive candle lamps because of their attractive design.

The practical nature of the lamp, however, is not without its relevance in modern society as it protects the flame and helps to ensure that paper or other items do not blow into a lit candle. Candle lamps are also ideal for outdoor use and are perfect for garden parties or barbecues. The lamp will protect the candle flame from gusts of wind and ensure that the garden has a twinkling feature of lit votive candles what ever the weather.

Many votive candle lamps are made from glass. Glass provides a good robust lamp, while also allowing the candlelight to shine through. One of the other benefits of glass is that it can be colored. This means that a whole range of votive candle holders are available in colors as diverse as pink, blue, yellow and green. The candle holders can be purchased to match or complement a decorative style or in a dramatic color to make a statement. These can also be a great way to jazz up discount votive candles. The color of candle holder will ultimately depend on personal style and taste.

Buying Votive Candle Holders and Lamps

Here are some tips to help make the perfect candle lamp purchase:

  • When looking to buy a candle lamp for a votive candle, it is important to ensure that the candle holder is free from damage. Any chips in the glass may form cracks when a candle is lit in the candle holder.
  • Remember that the color of the candle lamp will look different in daylight. Before buying several candle lamps, buy one and test it first to ensure that it looks as great with a candle lit as it does in daylight.
  • Some candle lamps and shades are unique and highly decorated with paint, glitter, beads or etching. While this looks wonderful, it can also obscure some of the glass and give a muted candlelight. This can be attractive in its own right or a disappointment if this wasn't the desired effect.

Many of the specialist candle stores also offer a great selection of candle holders which are often also available at very competitive prices. Some online stores that sell votive candle lamps include:

  • Candle-Licious: This website offers an attractive range of candle holders including votive lamps.
  • Table Decor: This site sells interesting candle holders, including lamps.
  • Decoration Accessories, Ltd: Visit this store for a range of different candle holders.
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Votive Candle Lamps