White Candle Magic Spells

Michelle Radcliff
White Candle

Candles have been used for centuries in pagan and Wiccan spells and rituals. It is believed that candles can absorb energy and then release that energy when burned. The color of the candle is another important factor, as each color contains specific energy and vibrations inherent to that color, which helps focus the energy of the spell toward a particular desired outcome.

White Candles

White candles are used for a variety of spells. White represents light, purity, peace and spiritual enlightenment. White candles are used in:

  • Protection spells
  • Cleansing rituals
  • Healing spells
  • Truth seeking
  • Connecting with one's higher self
  • Meditation
  • Astral projection
  • Summoning spirit guides

Because white light is made up of all colors, a white candle can be substituted for another color if needed.

What Type to Use

One important rule in candle magic is to always use a new, unburned candle when performing a spell. One candle should be used for one purpose. High-quality candles will have color that runs through the entire candle, not just the surface.

Small, thin taper candles or votives work best, as most spells require the candle to burn out by itself. Others may require you to light and snuff out the same candle over a period of several days. However, serious practitioners like to make their own candles from beeswax, using natural dyes and essential oils.

Anointing the Candle

Prior to performing any spell, the candle should be anointed. This is typically done with a small amount of natural oil such as grapeseed, virgin olive, cinnamon, almond or jojoba oil. Some spells such as blessing or protection spells may call for blessing, holy or protection oil. Rubbing oil on the candle with your fingertips infuses the candle with your energy and intention. The oil should be rubbed on the outside of the candle in one of two ways:

  • Start at the top of the candle and rub the oil downward toward the middle. Next, rub oil from the base of the candle toward the middle where the first coat ended.
  • Start in the middle of the candle and rub oil toward the top and then toward the base.

White Candle Spells

Once your candles have been anointed, you can perform one of the following spells. Just remember to use a new candle for each spell.

Blessing Spell

If you want to send out good fortune, good luck or good health to a loved one, use a white candle to perform a blessing spell for that person.

  1. Write down a blessing on paper, focusing on the particular area you want to help your loved one with, such as "May my best friend Dawn be blessed with a child of her own. Please give her the gift of new life."
  2. Carve the name of the person into the candle.
  3. Anoint the candle with blessing oil or holy oil.
  4. Light the candle and recite the blessing. Focus your intent on the words you have written.
  5. Pinch out or snuff the candle flame.
  6. Repeat the spell for seven days or longer if desired. Re-anoint the candle once a week.

Ghost Removal Spell

If you feel you are being bothered by an unseen entity in your home, try this simple spell to make it leave.

  1. Fill a bag or container with sea salt that you can carry with you.
  2. Light a white candle and place it in your right hand.
  3. Grab a handful of salt in your left hand.
  4. Begin walking backward into each room of your home. Sprinkle salt in the corners and chant while you're walking, "Spirits leave this place and never return."
  5. Make your way to the northernmost corner of your home and snuff out the candle.

Healing Spell

Healing spells should be used in conjunction with conventional medicine and medical treatment. You'll need to gather a few extra supplies in addition to a white candle for this spell:

  • Sage bundle
  • Honey
  • Salt
  • Lavender oil
  • Spring water
  • Mint
  • White flower petals
  • Bowl
  • Letter of intention

Follow these steps to help a person in need:

  1. Write down all of your healing wishes, including how you want that person to feel and what body part or ailment needs to be corrected. For example, "With these healing thoughts, I wrap Grandma Betty's arthritic hands in a blanket of God's healing light, removing all inflammation and easing her pain."
  2. Carve a symbol representing the person into the candle.
  3. Holding the candle, ask the higher power of your belief to empower the healing energy you are sending out. Create a mental image of the person you are helping looking happy and healthy and focus your intent as long as possible.
  4. Light the sage bundle.
  5. Pass the candle, bowl and letter of intention through the smoke to cleanse away any negativity surrounding the person you are helping.
  6. Place the letter in the bottom of the bowl.
  7. Rub honey around the top half of the candle, starting in the middle and working your way up.
  8. Start at the point where the honey begins and rub lavender oil around the bottom of the candle, working your way down.
  9. Place the candle on top of the letter.
  10. Pour a ring of salt around the candle and add some sage and mint.
  11. Pour a small amount of spring water into the bowl.
  12. Add the flower petals to the surface of the water.
  13. Light the candle and visualize the person being surrounded by healing white light. Focus on the candle's flame and recite a short incantation about sending white healing light, love and blessings to the person in need. Include the person's name in the chant.
  14. Allow the candle to burn itself out if possible. If not, snuff out the flame. Relight the candle and repeat the incantation over a period of several days if desired.
  15. Once you are done with the spell, bury the remaining materials in the ground.

Binding Spell

Sometimes you might find it necessary to stop someone else from harming you, your possessions or even from harming his or herself. A binding spell will bind that person from the negative activity he or she is engaging in. For this spell, you will need to anoint a large white candle that will drip wax while it is burning. You'll also need the following items:

  • Small tray
  • Sea salt
  • Sage or rosemary
  • Pen (red ink for anger, purple for sadness)
  • Paper (Papyrus or thick paper is preferable)
  • Black thread

Focus on stopping the activity that is having a negative effect on your life and follow these steps:

  1. Set the candle on a tray to catch the extra wax drippings.
  2. Use a straight pin to attach a picture of the person you wish to bind to the candle.
  3. Pour a ring of salt around the candle.
  4. Pour a second ring of sage or rosemary around the salt ring.
  5. Write down the things you want to prevent the person from doing on the paper. Use red ink if these activities make you angry or purple ink if they make you sad or hurt your feelings. For example, "I bind Sandy from spreading false rumors about me."
  6. Tear or cut your statements into small strips of paper and place them on the tray around the candle.
  7. Wrap the black thread around the person's picture and the candle.
  8. Light the candle and recite what you have written on the slips of paper.
  9. Allow the candle wax to drip over the picture and the thread while you meditate, focusing your intent on binding this person from those negative activities. Snuff the flame when you are finished.
  10. Light the candle for the next seven days, repeating the words on the paper, focusing your intent and allowing a thick layer of wax to build over the thread and image.

Tips for Spell Casting

When using candles to perform rituals or cast spells, always make sure your reasons are justified. Do not cast spells with the intent of revenge or harming others, as this can come back threefold on you. Always extinguish the candle's flame by snuffing it out. Never blow the flame out, as this will disperse the energy contained within the candle.

White Candle Magic Spells