Winter Unity Candles

Lighting the unity candle at a wedding.

Winter unity candles are the perfect accessory for a winter wedding. Adorned with patterns and symbols of the season, these gorgeous candles can add special meaning to your celebration.

About Unity Candles

Unity candles are used during a wedding ceremony to symbolize the union of the bride and groom and their two families. Traditionally, the mothers of the bride and groom light two taper candles at the beginning of the ceremony. Further into the ceremony, the bride and groom take the taper candles and, together, light the unity candle.

Unity candles are usually white pillars, and can be decorated with patterns, ribbons, and other materials or designs. Sometimes there are hints of the wedding party colors in the candle as well. They are sold singly, or as a set with two matching tapers. You can also have unity candles personalized with the names of the happy couple. Some people like to save their unity candles and relight them on their wedding anniversaries.

Using unity candles is a relatively new tradition, dating back only to about the 1930s. The practice of lighting them is forbidden in some strictly traditional churches, but is gaining popularity with those who seek something a little different in their wedding ceremonies.

What Are Winter Unity Candles?

Winter unity candles are decorated with winter themes, most commonly snowflakes, and are almost always found at winter weddings. Winter candles tend to be accented with glitter, crystals, or even glass beads, which reflect the light and make the snowflakes really stand out.

Unity candles vary a great deal in price, depending mostly on the decorations and adornments. From real gemstones to glittering crystals, there is a huge variety of styles and designs available.

The most common accent color for winter unity candles is light blue, as it adds to the overall impression of the season and the snow.

Winter unity sets also contain two white taper candles, which can be:

  • Plain white with no adornments
  • Decorated with a snowflake or other winter motif
  • Personalized with the date of the wedding and/or the names of the bride and groom

Candle holders or stands are sometimes included in a set as well, so it pays to shop around to get the best value for your money.

Purchase Winter Unity Candles Online

You can find unity candles at wedding supply shops or candle outlets, but if you're looking for the perfect set to suit your wedding, here are a few places online that also carry them. If you opt for personalized candles, be sure to place your order well in advance, just in case there are delays or problems.

  • Bridal People - This winter candle is decorated with sparkling snowflakes, blue gemstones, and blue ribbon.
  • Unity Candles - If you're looking for something different, these are beautifully hand carved candles using the white and blue color combination. You can order different colors, however, along with personalization, different types of tapers, and even accent candles to make an impressive display. This set of candles features a snowflake design.

Winter weddings seem magical somehow, when the ground is covered in snow and everything looks fresh. Consider adding some extra charm to your winter wedding by lighting a winter unity candle, symbolizing the joining of two lives and two families.

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Winter Unity Candles