Wrought Iron Candle Holders

Wrought iron suits any decor.

There are so many types of wrought iron candle holders out there, it will be easy to use one or more to add a touch of elegance to your home. Prefer the whimsical or cutesy designs to "elegance"? No problem. There are candle holders to fit your style, too. You can choose from hanging holders, tabletop holders, holders to go on your mantel, and more.

Types of Wrought Iron Holders

  • Hanging: You can get candles holders to hang on the wall and house everything from votives to jars. These are sometimes referred to as sconces.
  • Stands: Varying in size, standing candle holders can hold all types of candles. Some of these candle holders include more than simple scrolling or classic patterns. Shop around and you'll find pieces with horses worked right into the middle of the figure.
  • Additional accents: Most frequently, the accents you'll find on iron candle holders are glass. In most of those cases, you'll see colored glass. These are a great way to warm up or cool down an area of a room with ambient splashes of color.

Wrought Iron Candle Holders: The Moods

While a large quantity of wrought iron furniture and accent pieces are designed to add a flair of sophistication to a room, that's not all they can do. Brilliant designers can create wrought iron pieces to match any theme. The color is usually the same-nearly black. However, they can become focal points or accent pieces to any type of décor.

  • Sophistication: Simple designs like grapevines, spirals, and unadorned wall hangings fall into this category. These are great for gifts because they're easily incorporated into almost any décor. If you aren't familiar with a recipient's home, you can trust that these will make gift giving easy. Add a lightly scented candle to the gift bag or box and you're done.
  • Hobbies/Passions: If you love horses, astronomy, or even roosters, you can find wrought iron candle holders to reflect your interests. Wrought iron is a quick way to express yourself and perk up your living room, bedroom, or even your kitchen.
  • Whimsy/Culture: If you're looking for something a little fantastic or cultural, you can often find pieces decorated with colored glass to liven up a corner of the room. Be sure to look at the Pygmy Masks listed below for wrought iron/colorful glass combinations that will catch the eye, brighten up a space, and add a point of interest to the room.

Find Your Ideal Candle Holder

You can find wrought iron candle holders at home décor stores, but you may be able to find an even better deal online. Iron Elegance has beautiful candle holders and sconces to, as the name suggests, add a touch of elegance to your home. Be sure to have a look at the following exquisite items:

  • Fountain Sconce
  • Circle Hammered Candle Stand
  • 4 Candle Center Vase
  • Rose Bush Candle Holder with Cups
  • Pygmy Masks in Amber, Amethyst, Aqua, Cobalt Blue, Lime Green, Orange, and Red

Fine Home Designs has a nice selection of whimsical and classic wrought iron pieces. Be sure to check these out:

  • Jar Holders-Flat Sconce
  • Jar Holders-Hanging
  • Jar Holders-Heart (perfect for little country kitchens!)
  • Jar Holders-Hummingbird Sconce
  • Pillar Holders--Horse

In addition to the holders, Fine Home Designs has candle toppers that are wrought iron and add a decorative touch to simple jar candles.

Timeless Wrought Iron has some lovely choices on their website, but be advised this is a high-end retailer. Their collection includes pieces like:

  • Wrought Iron Siena Floor Candelabra with Glass
  • Siena Arezzo Candelabra
  • Wrought Iron Tabletop Candelabra
  • Clayton Lantern

Designs for Any Décor

Candle holders in wrought iron can fit any décor and any gift giving situation. With so many shapes and styles, they're attention-grabbers before you even add in your beautifully scented, glowing candles.

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Wrought Iron Candle Holders