Yankee Candle Outlet Store

Yankee Candle Outlet

A Yankee Candle outlet store is a great place to save money on your favorite fragrant candles. Whether you're shopping at a Yankee Candle Village store or a smaller outlet store, you can garner substantial savings, particularly on seasonal items.

Finding a Yankee Candle Outlet Store

The Yankee Candle website has a list of outlet stores. While the website is generally reliable and up-to-date, call the store in question before you go to make sure it's open. Another trick is to call about a month ahead of your planned trip to see what is going to be on sale. This way, you get the maximum savings possible.

Like other outlet stores, the shops offer a wide variety of products, including overstocks and discontinued items. You can get a good deal on some otherwise pricey candles by stocking up when your travels take you near one of these outlets.

Yankee Candles are loved for their strong scent and known for their quality, so they make great gifts for people who love candles. A pretty votive and a unique holder would make a great gift for a friend's birthday or a housewarming without setting you back too much money.

Yankee Candle Village Stores

The Yankee Candle Village stores are like "super outlets," although you won't find them on the official outlet list. There are two Yankee Candle Village stores - one in South Deerfield, MA and one in Williamsburg, VA. The Village Stores have a variety of items including new items, seasonal things, overstocks, limited edition scents and discontinued items. It is a Yankee Candle bargain hunter's best kept secret. Unlike an outlet, the Village stores do sell things that are full price. However, each of the huge stores offer steeply discounted items on a variety of candles throughout the year. Of course, most people go simply because it's fun. Giant train sets that weave throughout the store, craft stations where you can make your own candles, and several store-wide events throughout the year make the Village Stores a great place to take the family.

Outlet Shopping Online

If you can't make it to a Yankee Candle outlet store, you can always surf the next best thing: the sale section of the company's website.

Here you'll find deals on particular types of merchandise, such as buy one, get one for half price products or 60 percent off candle accessories. The deals available on the website are limited to a few at a time, so you're not getting the same experience as you would shopping in an outlet store, but you can still get a good deal without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Shipping is always $5 on any order less than $100, so go ahead and stock up when you see your favorite candles on sale.

Choosing a Yankee Candle Fragrance

It can be a little intimidating to visit a Yankee Candle store because there are just so many choices, and you can't possibly smell all the candles that are available in any given store. Picking the right fragrance for you will come down to having a vague idea of what you want the candle to smell like - such as clean, seasonal, tropical, or woodsy - and then finding the scents that you think will fall into that category.

Part of the fun of shopping at Yankee Candle is that there are new fragrances coming out all the time. The odds are good you'll always be able to find something that will suit your mood. Regularly having a new scent in your home will enliven the place even if you haven't made any other changes. A new smell is like moving around the furniture or putting up a fresh coat of paint, without the work or expense!

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Yankee Candle Outlet Store