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New England Candle Company is located in Deerfield, Massachusetts. The company creates homemade candles in a wide variety of scents and offers them for sale via retail and wholesale. An online website provides customers with access to the handmade candles from all over the country.

Shopping Online

For over a decade, the New England Candle Company has created handmade candles for their customers. Their website details that they use the best of ingredients in order to create the purest scent. Wholesale prices are available to businesses that wish to carry New England Candle Company products for their own stores. The company is family owned.

Scented Candles

The company offers a regular menu of homemade scents including:

  • Apple Blossom - The scent brings to mind an orchard in full bloom and is ideal for spring.
  • Balsam Fir - The rich, forested flavor is at home bringing to mind memories of trimming the tree or dallying in the woods at summer camp. This candle is good for summer and winter.
  • Bride's Bouquet - The floral scent has a strong lily overtone, suggesting romance, love and hope. It is ideal for bridal showers.
  • Chocolate - This candle combines the rich scent of dark and milk chocolate in a baked delight. It is the company's most popular scent.
  • Cremesicle - Sweet orange and vanilla brings to mind hot summer days with an ice cream treat and is an ideal candle choice for summer.
  • French Vanilla - The French vanilla candle smells like Grandma's kitchen with a hint of exotic orchid. It is ideal for year round use.
  • Gingerbread - Brown sugar and spice never smelled so nice. Burn this candle around Christmas time.
  • Hugs & Kisses - Strawberries and cream combine to make a candle combination that is both sweet and romantic. This is ideal for late winter and early spring.
  • Maple Sugar - This candle smells like hot pancakes on a cold morning, drizzled in maple syrup. Choose this scent for burning during the winter months.
  • Nantucket Mist - Ocean waves lap against the shore in a cool fragrance, which is ideal for burning in the summer months.
  • Rainforest - Loamy forest, hints of cedar, and a touch of vanilla combine to bring the forest to your home. The rainforest candle is ideal for spring and summer.
  • Root Beer - This candle has a sweet fragrance associated with the familiar flavor of root beer, which is ideal for spring and summer.

Each month, the company features a specially selected scent as the candle of the month and offers a discount for the candles in that scent. Fire lighters and pillar candles are also available. In addition to the broad selection of scents, the site offers an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction. If you don't like what you received, it may be returned for a refund or replacement. However, you will need to pay for the return shipping.

Damaged shipments should be reported immediately.

Other Products

In addition to candles, the New England Candle Company offers homemade jams, dips and pancake mix, as well as gourmet coffee, Chai and regular teas. Time & Again personal spa products will also be offered through the location as companions to the store's scented candle offerings.

Choosing the Scent for You

Online shopping does not allow customers to sample the fragrances, but the site offers votives in nearly every scent for a reasonable price. Customers who are curious about a new scent or flavor may order a votive to experiment. Candle scents can create an ideal mood for romance, study, parties and seasonal events. It just takes a little time to find the right scent for the right occasion.

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