White Castle Candle

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A White Castle candle is a novelty item created to commemorate National Hamburger month. Created by Laura Slatkin of NEST Fragrances, the candle sold out in just two days.

White Castle Candles

Novelty candles are designed to provide a specific scent or decoration. For example, during the holidays it's not unusual to see candles shaped like Santa Claus, reindeer or snowmen. These candles are not necessarily created for burning, but for decoration. The White Castle candle was designed to honor White Castle Hamburgers, the first fast food chain of hamburger restaurants in the United States.

The candle fragrance resembles a hamburger with heavy, grilled onions. The idea behind the candle was to conjure images of dining at White Castle. In addition to the strong odor, the candle was packaged in a cardboard sleeve, similar in design to the White Castle Slider hamburger packaging.

As of 2011, it is difficult to locate White Castle candles beyond buying from other purchasers, but the original proceeds were donated to awareness organizations and programs for autism.

About White Castle

White Castle was founded in 1921. The fast-food hamburger restaurant chain was the first of its kind within the United States. Their hamburgers became known as sliders and long before McDonald's took the nation by storm, families wanted to dine at White Castle. Despite fierce competition from other chains, White Castle remains a juicy slice of Americana.

About NEST Fragrances

Laura Slatskin founded Slatkin and Co. with her husband. The husband and wife team created a line of scented candles that range from pumpkin to bamboo. Slatkin created the White Castle candle specifically to celebrate National Hamburger Month.

About National Hamburger Month

In May 1992, White Castle started the celebration of National Hamburger Week and later transformed it to National Hamburger month. In May 2010, White Castle teamed up with Laura Slatkin to create the steam-grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions scented candle to celebrate the 18th anniversary of National Hamburger Month. The candles were priced at $10 each and the proceeds were donated to Autism Speaks.

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White Castle Candle