Purple Candle Meanings: Mystical & Magical Connections

Published March 11, 2021
Purple Burning Candle

A purple candle meaning is a highly spiritual and often psychic color expression of divinity. The purple candle meanings are full of mystical and magical references and aspects.

Spiritual Purple Candle Meaning

The spiritual purple candle meaning makes this candle an ideal choice for any spiritual meditations, ceremonies, rituals, or magic spells. Purple candles are often used in meditations to exercise psychic abilities.

Support Psychic Growth

If you are in the process of developing your psychic abilities, you may find using a lighted purple candle advantageous. The purple candle can assist you in focusing your psychic energies on a single thought or intention.

Purple Candle During Psychic Readings

When attempting to conduct your first psychic reading for an individual, you can light a purple candle and call upon your spirit guide(s) to help you. You may find that lighting a purple candle during your psychic readings imbues you with additional spiritual energies.

Conduct a Tarot Reading

You can also use the powers of a purple candle when you conduct a tarot reading. You can take a moment to meditate on the purple candle flame before proceeding with your tarot reading. You'll want to keep the candle burning during your reading and snuff it out once you've closed the session.

Tarot Reading

Purple Candle and Seances

Purple candles are often used with other candles, such as a white candle. You can first light the white candle followed by the lighting of the purple candle when you conduct a séance to ensure you and those participating with you are protected by divinity.

Read the Akashic Records

You may further train your psychic abilities through focusing on a purple candle. If your goal is to advance into the realm of divinity and gain access to the Akashic records, you'll find meditating on a purple candle flame beneficial.

Connect With Divinity, Angels, and Spirit Guides

Many people use purple candles to tap into the super consciousness of the divine realm. Some mediums use a purple candle to commune with angelic beings or their personal spirit guides.

Astral Projection

Another purple candle meaning includes using the powerful energies associated with the divine color purple. You can use a purple candle to focus your mind as a springboard for astral projecting.

Purple Candle Vision Quests

Another great use for a purple candle is anyone who is undertaking a personal vision quest. This may be a cultural rite of passage, or it may be an individual attempt to connect for the first time with a spirit guide.

Call Upon Spirit Animal With Purple Candle

Using a purple candle can boost your personal energy to connect with your spirit guide easier. Many spirits adopt an animal persona when first contacted. A spirit guide may keep the spirit animal form throughout your connection and never alter over the years.

Purple Candle Gateway

Keep in mind that as you advance in your spiritual growth, you may encounter many spirit guides. The purple candle can act as your gateway into the spirit realm. You'll discover that spirit guides will often enter your life to assist you in facing special challenges or tasks that are within their realm of divine expertise.

Purple Candle Meaning for Healings

The purple candle meaning for healings is an obvious connection with divine energies. The purple color has long been associated with religious beliefs and the holy majesty of the color purple.

Purple Candle Meaning for Chakra Third Eye

The seventh chakra is violet, but often referred to as purple. Located at the top of your head, the seventh chakra is also known as the crown chakra. It is called the Door to God. It is through your crown chakra that your soul connects with your higher self, touches Nirvana, achieves enlightenment, and eventually ascends.

Purple Charka Third Eye

Light a Purple Candle for Assistance

When you are doing your spiritual work and striving to achieve the ultimate spiritual connection, you can light a purple candle to assist you. The energies you pour into the purple candle will be multiplied and reflected back to you through the candle's flame as it melts through the purple color.

Astrological Signs and Purple

The zodiac signs have a palette of colors that you can tap into depending on your zodiac sign. A few examples of various purple shades found in zodiac signs include Sagittarius with its ruler Jupiter, Leo with its ruler the Sun, Pisces with its ruler Neptune, and Aquarius with its ruler Uranus.

Use a Purple Candle for Magic Candle Spells

A purple candle is often used for magic candle spells. A favorite purple candle spell is one to dispel insomnia. An ambition spell is another popular purple spell often cast in relationship to careers. For best results, you want to cast your purple candle spells on the day that represents the color purple - Wednesday.

Purple Candle Meaning

The purple candle meaning covers an expansive world of possibilities within the spiritual and psychic realms. You may find the properties of the purple candle make this candle the ideal color for your next meditation or magic spell.

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Purple Candle Meanings: Mystical & Magical Connections