Unique Candle Molds

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Unique candle molds help you make fun and different candles. Whether you want to surprise someone with a gift of unique candles or need something a little different for your sales table, these molds will stir up your creativity.

How Are Candle Molds Unique?

Most candle molds are created for standard candle sizes. Some of these include:

Even round or square candles are fairly common these days. To make this type of candle different, you'd need to try new techniques in coloring them or adding textures to the wax for a unique result.

Candle molds that fit outside of these standard shapes and sizes would be considered unique. When you take a good look at some of the molds available at candle suppliers, you'll be amazed at how many interesting forms are being sold.

Where to Purchase Unique Candle Molds

If you've decided to add a bit of variety to the candles you make, there are plenty of candle supply stores that cater to the offbeat. Check your local shops first to see what they have to offer. Then you can visit some of these online sellers to check out their wares.


Candlewic has some lovely, original molds that you can use to expand your candle lines. Many of them are similar to standard candle sizes but offer unique shapes or designs to make them stand out. Some candles will pop out of their molds with interesting patterns on them, which you can further enhance with a dip into a second color of wax or even candle paints.

There is also a series of tray molds here, which allow you to make many wax embeds for larger candles at one time.

Candles & Supplies

Candles & Supplies offers a few different types of molds, from silicone to metal. There are lots of styles and shapes to choose from in each section. Metal molds offer some interesting shapes like five and six point stars and fluted floaters. The silicone molds can create novelty candles in shapes of food, snowmen, pinecones and more.

Using Your Unique Molds

You may wonder why anyone would want to make a candle shaped like a dog biscuit, for example. Indeed, the sizes of some of these molds seem very small for a finished candle.

There are several ways to incorporate this type of candle into a larger product or even use them on their own. Try one of these ideas to create a unique candle.

  • Use smaller items as part of a larger candle, attaching the small candles with melted wax.
  • Place small shapes into large gel candles to create scenes or other items, such as a fruit bowl.
  • Make small candles complete with wicks and use them as unique birthday candles on a themed cake.

Build Your Collection Slowly

The best way to build up a collection of unique molds for candles is to start slowly. Don't spend a lot of money on loads of molds. Instead, pick up a few at a time and see which ones people are responding to. It's best to make sure you'll be getting a return on your investment, since molds can be expensive.

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Unique Candle Molds