GloLite Pillars PartyLite Candles Review

GloLite's Calm Waters Candles

Do you love richly scented, beautiful candles? Candle purists enjoy PartyLite Candles with their enticing, warmly aromatic and richly colored candles for everyday use. In 2011, PartyLite introduced a new candle to the well-loved catalog of scents and colors: GloLite Candles by PartyLite. As a member of LoveToKnow Candle’s writing and editorial team, I was sent three GloLite pillar candles in the Sea Salt and Driftwood scent to experience and review.

The World’s Most Romantic Candle

PartyLite calls the GloLite Candles the most romantic candles in the world. While I have not sampled every candle in the world, the GloLite pillars are romantically appealing with the soft glow that lights up the interior of the candle. I set them up on a mirrored plate and just enjoyed the look of them in my office during the day. When night came, I lit them, one at a time. The 3x4 had the brightest “glow” of the three and looked very much like a captured star sitting on my desk.

As I lit each of the other two pillars, the glow in the office deepened, creating a rich, welcoming atmosphere and softening the hard edges of the room. In the dining room, the candles created a romantic dining atmosphere with little to no additional decoration. In the bathroom, the glowing pillar candles created a relaxing getaway from the rest of life, perfect for the long, hot soak in the tub.

The sea salt and driftwood scent was not overwhelming. The hint of salt blended with watery notes reminded me of the beach. If I closed my eyes, the scent took me right to the water’s edge on a starry night with a warm breeze drifting in with the tide.

When the candles are extinguished, they do smoke some. The smoky scent doesn’t overwhelm the sweet sea scent that lingers after they are extinguished. Unlike other PartyLite pillars, the scents are concentrated in the exterior of the candle while the wax melts down in the center. The shells misshape as they burn, each burning differently, but the wax did not escape and leak down the sides. That said, I kept them on a mirrored platter to enhance the glow and to catch any accidental spills.

Watch how close you place them together as the heat from one can warp the shell of another. The smallest pillar at 3x4 burned for over 30 hours and left enough of the candle to continue burning.

Bottom Line

GloLite Pillars

GloLite candles are reasonably priced, beautiful to look at, create a fabulous atmosphere and smell great. The candles come in three different sizes and they all burn for about 40 to 105 hours. The candles are ideal for the long, hot soak in the bathroom. They offer a distinctive glow that is both restful and romantic, depending on your mood. The scent, while overpowering when you take them out of the box, is sweet and gentle once lit.


  • Comes in 2 scents and colors
  • 40 hours of burn time per candle
  • Emits a pleasant scent, freshens as it burns


  • Even with a trimmed wick, when it's blown out, a smoky scent lingers


  • Scents: Sea Salt and Driftwood, Calm Waters
  • 3x4 candles burn 40 to 55 hours
  • 3x5 burns 60 to 75 hours
  • 3x6 candles burn 85 to 105 hours

Retail Price

  • 3x4 for $12.95
  • 3x5 $14.95
  • 3x6 $16.95

GloLite Candles are available from PartyLite consultants or you can order online from PartyLite directly.

GloLite Pillars PartyLite Candles Review